Isigny Ste Mère Fondue Normande Reviews

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9 reviews for Isigny Ste Mère Fondue Normande Reviews

  1. Annika

    Disappointing. I’m used to the La Fondue variety that Trader Joe’s usually sells in the red container. I understand that this type of cheese is a different style-Normandy which apparently is made of soft cheese (package says Camembert) and brandy. I’m sure real Normandy style fondue is delicious, but this tastes disgusting. Not only is there no brandy in it, it tastes like processed velveta cheese or melted slices of American. I was so looking forward to that gooey tasty “Swiss” style which I’m most familiar with and the thing is, both containers were made in France, probably by different companies. This has the consistency of a spreadable cheese like laughing cow and tastes like it too. Like I said, I’m sure Normandy style is great, but whatever this processed stuff is—is not. Trader Joe’s bring back La Fondue!!!!!

  2. Michel rolland

    $7.99 is very inexpensive, but for this “fondue”, i would say , 1.99 would be expensive. This gooey stuff is not worth a dime…in my humble opinion. Guess i will keep doing my own swiss fondue from scratch. !!

  3. Maria

    This fondue is delicious! I bought the red container before and it was good- but this one, this was awesome.
    I had fondue in France and Switzerland every time I went skiing and trust me…this is THE fondue!
    I had fondue parties at my place a few times (bought 6 containers and kept it in the freezer) and everyone said it’s the best fondue they ever had. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to find it in the stores this winter!


    It’s back ! I love this fondue, so different and cheesy.
    I serve it as an appetizer with bread, carrots, ham and cucumbers. Always a hit.

  5. Sarah

    Other reviews are correct in saying this fondue has a bad flavor and texture. I was so disappointed when this fondue turned out be plasticky and bland.

  6. Ana

    Trader Joe’s… you are better than this. This is like eating warm white velveeta speared on a cube of baguette. The baguette was the best part. After a few bites my husband wordlessly brought out backup – the delicious TJ Artichoke Bruschetta dip, for the baguette. I love you Trader Joe’s, I really do. I’m a European expat and you get so many things right. The Swiss fondue is spot on. But this?? Velveeta on a stick. I’m kinda shuddering. Please take this product behind the barn, it will be a mercy.

  7. Diana Dean

    I think this fondue is absolutely delicious. It is not to be compared to the more traditional Swiss fondue. It is actually what I had in Normandy last year! I think the price is incredible.

  8. Alina

    Absolutely delicious! I wish it was available year around not seasonal.

  9. Jason

    Swiss here. This foundue is disgusting!!!!(yes 3x! is not enough) It burns your throat when you swoll. Whyyyy? A foundue should never burn. Worst cheese i had in my life! Absolutely terrible.

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