Trader Joe’s Swiss & Gruyere Cheese Fondue Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Swiss & Gruyere Cheese Fondue Reviews

  1. Cheryl Showalter

    My husband were in trader Joe’s a couple of nights ago and they were offering samples of their fondue. What we sampled was really good and we bought a box…but what we brought home was something all together, IT WAS TERRIBLE TO THE POINT OF NOT BEING ABLE TO STOMACH IT. IT TASTED LIKE REALLY MOLDY CHEESE WTH? DO THEY GIVE YOU DIFFERENT STUFF THAN WHAT YOU SAMPLE? I’M GOING TO TAKE IT BACK TO THEM AND ASK FOR A REFUND AND ASK THEM TO TASTE IT IF THEY DARE.

  2. Mary Gavin-wagner

    Excellent product, very easy to prepare. We heated this up as directed and kept it warm in a fondue pot. As a main course, with bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, one (1) package served two (2) people. Very tasty, great consistency, and reasonably priced. I only wish Trader Joe’s carried this product year-round rather than seasonally.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh , we loved it ! Best I’ve had in a long time ! I would recommend it !

  4. Debra milianta

    Wow really enjoyed the fondue delicious! Wetoo as others have said in their review wish it was sold year round instead of seasonally

  5. Mike Moxley

    LOVE THIS… WISH they could stock it year round.
    Can we order more ??? If how?

  6. Lucero MacKenzie

    We Loved it !!!!
    WISH they could stock it year round, it’s wonderful for every night.

  7. Danny Glasgow

    Trader Joe;s changed the formula for the Fondue. The package now says it is a blend of artisanal cheeses from Switzerland. Not the Emmental and Gruyere cheeses as the packaging at the top of this website shows. It ain’t the same Joe.

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