Impossible Chicken Nuggets Reviews

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Trader Joe’s now carries plant-based Impossible chicken nuggets at many locations!

2 reviews for Impossible Chicken Nuggets Reviews

  1. Stewart W.

    These are probably the best vegan chicken nuggets I’ve ever had. I truly wouldn’t know that it wasn’t real chicken if someone served these to me and didn’t mention that they were Impossible.

    I actually prefer Beyond Burgers to Impossible burgers, but I like these even better than the Beyond Chicken that I tried. Pretty cool that Trader Joe’s started carrying them! Definitely better than the regular TJ’s vegan “chicken” nuggets, in my opinion. I wish they didn’t have soy, but they taste great.

  2. Nan N

    These are delicious. I serve them with TJ’s Magnifisauce. They are crispy and have an excellent texture. I don’t read the ingredients since they are probably filled with things that aren’t too healthy, but they are perfect for a speedy supper, served with mac n’ cheese or veggie and salad. 5 stars! (I also love Impossible Burgers)

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