Impossible Chicken Nuggets Reviews

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Trader Joe’s now carries plant-based Impossible chicken nuggets at many locations!

5 reviews for Impossible Chicken Nuggets Reviews

  1. Stewart W.

    These are probably the best vegan chicken nuggets I’ve ever had. I truly wouldn’t know that it wasn’t real chicken if someone served these to me and didn’t mention that they were Impossible.

    I actually prefer Beyond Burgers to Impossible burgers, but I like these even better than the Beyond Chicken that I tried. Pretty cool that Trader Joe’s started carrying them! Definitely better than the regular TJ’s vegan “chicken” nuggets, in my opinion. I wish they didn’t have soy, but they taste great.

  2. Nan N

    These are delicious. I serve them with TJ’s Magnifisauce. They are crispy and have an excellent texture. I don’t read the ingredients since they are probably filled with things that aren’t too healthy, but they are perfect for a speedy supper, served with mac n’ cheese or veggie and salad. 5 stars! (I also love Impossible Burgers)

  3. tester

    From the Impossible Foods website:
    Do your products contain genetically modified ingredients?
    -We’ve always embraced the responsible, constructive use of genetic engineering to solve critical environmental, health, safety, and food security problems, and we have long advocated for responsible use of this technology in the food system [short answer: yes, but not in Europe where GMO’s are banned]
    Impossible Foods Web Site (UK):
    -Do your products contain genetically modified ingredients?
    -Our products in the UK use non-GMO soy and do not contain any GMOs.
    From Trader Joe’s Website:
    -Do Trader Joe’s products contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)*? Trader Joe’s Products are sourced from Non-GMO ingredients.
    J Food Sci Technol. 2013 Dec; 50(6): 1035–1046:
    “The biggest threat caused by GM foods is that they can have harmful effects on the human body. It is believed that consumption of these genetically engineered foods can cause the development of diseases which are immune to antibiotics. Besides, as these foods are new inventions, not much is known about their long term effects on human beings.”

  4. Violet

    These are so good that I prefer them over regular chicken nuggets. I’m not even a vegan but the texture and taste of these are fantastic. I like them slightly air fried to bring out the crisp of the coating. The inside also doesn’t taste dry at all.

  5. MC

    Had them for dinner last night and they were so good! Hours later though my stomach started cramping and I could hardly sleep. This afternoon (almost 24 hours later) my stomach is still hurting.

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