Impossible Burger Patties Reviews

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Plant-based burger patties, sold in the frozen section.

3 reviews for Impossible Burger Patties Reviews

  1. F

    GMOs. Enuf said.

    Ok, TJ’s should AT LEAST spell out for unsuspecting customers that IB is enthusiastically GM. People assume TJ’s products don’t contain GMOs because they’ve stated they don’t (though that’s a weaselly vow). But since they’ve decided to now support some GM products, and they label organic foods with a green tag, they should label GMO foods with another color, say red. Just so there’s no deception involved here.

    With IB, one suspects this is a case of, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”, meaning that sine Monsanto has made sure to contaminate almost all soy with their GM variety, and IB doesn’t want to do the homework of finding a non-GM plant source other than soy (or so it seems), they’ve decided to throw their weight the opposite direction and wholly support GM. If it were available (non-GM soy), one suspects that IB would be enthusiastically non-GM.

    So this looks like another case of good old fashioned American greed throwing its ethics out the window. Go where the buck is.

    Bummer, cause the cause, a non-meat hamburger to obsolete real meat, is so worthy.

  2. Danielle

    These are great. Glad to see Trader Joes carry Impossible Burgers which were hard to find in stores for a long time. I prefer Beyond but many people prefer these. I have no idea what this other review is getting on about because being worried about GMO is a thing of the past. There is absolutely no quality evidence of any negative health effects of GMO.

  3. Janet

    No thanks. These are gmo and I was told before by the corporate office that Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry GMO products. But that’s not true.

    I loved theie turkeyless, but they discontinued that and it wasn’t GMO. Not good choices for a vegan,

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