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21 reviews for Holyland Matzo Crackers Reviews

  1. Nicole Marsella

    These are not “crackers”. They are a special kind of bread that Jewish people eat instead of leavened bread during Passover. If you are buying these thinking they are crackers that will pair nicely with cheese you will be very disappointed.

    That said they are very good type of matzo and cheap to boot. But unless you have to eat this stuff I wouldn’t touch it.

  2. Cheese

    Good. This is Balmzy

  3. M

    It’s good matzo if you know what matzo is!

  4. Rosie

    I use matzo year round, in various ways, so I’m sorry it’s only carried seasonally. I found Holyland matzo superior in taste to Manishevitz and other matzohs and will look forward to finding it again.

  5. Edens Water

    These work great for my food plan. I actually use them to put eggs (with or without turkey bacon) on top. Could also spread chicken or tuna salad on top. I feel like it’s healthier than bread for me.

  6. Wally Walsh

    My Matzos was burnt!

  7. Caitlin Rowan

    My Matzos were Burnt!!!

  8. נערות ליוווי בחיפה

    “Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article! It is the little changes that make the most significant changes. Thanks for sharing!”

  9. Don Vogel

    These matzot are literally the best out there. They are thin and crisp (like all matzot) but the difference is that they seem to be baked a minute or two longer or in a hotter oven giving them an even crispier yet nutty flavor. The only matzot that come close to this are Yehuda Matzot, which I believe are made at the same factory in Jerusalem. THANK YOU Trader Joe’s for getting this wonderful product

  10. Ninanik

    We loved these, no other matzo crackers came even close in taste.

  11. Saphir McPherson

    The best matzo I have ever had

  12. Azra Hoffman

    Atrocious. You should be ashamed for even selling them.

  13. Ellen Rubenstein

    I love matzohs that are slightly burnt on the edges. Holyland is my favorite brand. Sort of like the burnt bubbles on pizza these days

  14. MJ Rice

    I was excited to find matzo at Trader Joe’s, until I opened the box. They are burnt. Not browned nicely – burnt and blackened.

    I probably got a bad box and expect they would be good if not burnt.

  15. Michele Zembow

    I love this brand of matzah…and have been very disappointed when I’ve gotten to TJ’s too late in the season and they’ve already sold out. Learned my lesson…I get them as early as they’re put out now!

  16. Sanna King

    These really are the best matzos ever. I always felt manishevitz was TRULY the bread of affliction. These Holy Land matzos have a nice light crunch and a toasty flavor. I love them.

  17. Clara Saban

    Great Matzo!
    You won’t be disappointed!

  18. Bubbi

    Reviewers, geez… These are not bread, they are crackers–large sheets with little tiny holes punched everywhere to crisp them, sort of like they do with saltine crackers. And they are supposed to have browned bits to add to the taste. They aren’t burnt. Yes, you can eat them with cheeses, and grapes, peanut butter, jelly, spreads -anything you eat with crackers, including crumbling them in your soup. No, you don’t have to be Jewish to eat them.

  19. Andrew

    HolyLand Matzo is great but the new matzo at trader Joe’s is not made by them carries trader Joe’s name and is not very good.

  20. Jane

    As good or better then the major matzoh companies!!!
    Also well priced!!!
    Only problem with Trader Joe’s is they run out quickly!!!

  21. Jeff

    Awful. Burned.

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