Cedarlane Sweet Corn Tamales Reviews

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With poblano chiles and Monterey jack cheese. Not made by Trader Joe’s, but sold in the frozen section at various Trader Joe’s locations.

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6 reviews for Cedarlane Sweet Corn Tamales Reviews

  1. Alexis

    I miss the old Sweet Corn Tamales. These just didn’t have the flavor.

  2. Sam

    There were hardly any poblano peppers in it and neither there was any sauce. I won’t purchase again.

  3. Gerardo Velez

    The best corn tamales I ever had
    I highly recommend em…

  4. Anonymous

    More akin to overly-sweet cornbread. Should not be called a tamale. Just. Gross.

  5. Terressa

    These don’t have any sort of filling– they are basically a flavorful corn muffin. As a tamales, disappointing. As a corn muffin, ohmyword. So delicious and so quick!

  6. Dorothy S Jarrett

    I found these delicious. I do wish there was some more heat to them though and maybe some sauce.

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