Trader Joe’s Wine Country Chicken Salad Reviews

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With white chicken meat, cranberries, and pecans.


4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Wine Country Chicken Salad Reviews

  1. Sharon A

    Have to say that this was the most disappointing Chicken salad after all the good reviews I read. Brought it 2 weeks before use by date. You could taste the cranberries and celery, and pecans, maybe. The chicken was not chunks as customers described. Wouldn’t mind that it wasn’t chunks but It was a tasteless mush of chicken and dressing. Couldn’t distinguish chicken flavor from dressing flavor; both tasteless. Trader Joe’s products are usually very good and appealing and I like to try new things there. Maybe I just got a bad batch, trying to be generous. Will not buy again.

  2. Kay Burns

    This used to be a great tasting, relatively healthy salad. Not anymore. Not a “bad batch” — recipe and nutritional values have totally changed.
    Original Fat per serving was 11g, now 27g. Protein was 21g, now 11g. Sodium was 210mg, now 430mg. Sugar was 2g, now 14g!
    No chicken chunks. Just oily, starchy, sticky sweet mush. Yuck. My favorite product for years. Will NEVER buy again.

  3. Sandy Rhodes

    Does not taste at all like the Wine Country Chicken Salad that I’m used to purchasing. Tastes flat but leaves an aftertaste.

  4. William

    I am always so pleased with everything I get at Trader Joe’s so I was really excited to try this chicken salad. I should’ve read the reviews before I bought it. I took one bite and threw the entire container away. It was the worst chicken salad I have ever tasted. The consistency was horrible and the taste was just horrendous.

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