Trader Joe’s Wild Caught Cooked Atlantic Octopus Reviews

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Keep frozen when storing. Just heat on stove or grill to cook.


8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Wild Caught Cooked Atlantic Octopus Reviews

  1. Sandra

    Tender as it should be. Prepare it in any way that you would with shrimp. Ceviche, cocktail, garlic sauce, grilled with teriyaki sauce, spicy sauce, on pasta or rice.

  2. Elvina Sematones

    Very tender and had it in a salad with just fresh parley and garlic olive oil but They don’t have it all the time.

  3. Elvina Sematones

    I love octopus but it is very hard to find . Please let me know if I can order it from
    Trader Joe again.

  4. Karen Kallo

    This is the best octopus I have ever purchased from a retail store. The only dilemma I have is that it has been out of stock, and none of my local stores can tell me if it is going to be re-stocked.

  5. Carrie

    I have been looking for this kind of octopus to cook Korean seafood pancake for my kids. I was so excited when I finally found some, but alas when I went back to buy more it was out of stock. I was told by an employee might be seasonal. I hope you get more in and plan to buy as much as I can fit in my freezer.

  6. Danielle Harris

    Fantastic octopus ! PLEASE re-stock.

  7. Danielle Harris

    FABULOUS! Perfectly seasoned and so easy to store and use. Bring it back!

  8. Nancy James

    SO good! Best octopus product I’ve found. Please start stocking again.

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