Trader Joe’s White Bean & Basil Hummus Reviews

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1 review for Trader Joe’s White Bean & Basil Hummus Reviews

  1. Wes

    I’ve been curious about this dip, and finally tried it. Unilke some hummus, which can be used as a spread, this is really more of a dip-only type due to the amount of olive oil in it. (Though, your results may vary — you could still manage to put some on a sandwich or in a wrap).

    This has a really unique taste for a dip, and I enjoyed it a lot. Reminiscent of the taste of the herb spread used on some pizza (probably because of the basil). It’s good but definitely not addictive, which is a plus for portion control – the basil and other ingredients are pretty strong, so I wouldn’t be able to eat too much of this at a time.

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