Trader Joe’s Well Rested Herbal Tea Reviews

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Caffeine-free. Comes with 20 tea bags.

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Well Rested Herbal Tea Reviews

  1. LoLo

    9:00 PM – Steeping this puppy.

    9:15 PM – I’m dranking it.

    9:34 PM – Still dranking it.

    9:35 PM – Ope wait. My face is tingling.

    9: 38 PM – Feeling relaxed.

    9:44 PM – Eyes aren’t focusing well, feeling sleepy.

    9:45 PM – I’m asleep.

    9:46 PM – Sleep typing.

    9:47 PM – The tea is good for sleep.

  2. MG

    I love this tea – it helps soothe me before bedtime, just like it says.

  3. Heather

    I love this tea — a soothing taste and it really does help me sleep. I brewed a strong cup last week and fell asleep before I could finish it.

  4. MK

    This tea is soothing and delicious. It tastes of peppermint with a subtle floral flavor due to the herb mixture. I like that it uses pure herbs and flowers with no added flavors. I also like that it does not use valerian like some other sleep teas (I have had some negative experiences with it). The chamomile and passionflower produce a calming and lightly sedating effect.

  5. Vivi

    I love this tea! Good for sleep!

  6. Mai

    If you want a tea that will knock you out, try this.

  7. Gita

    This is the only type of “bedtime” tea that does exactly what it says: puts me to sleep within 30-45 minutes of drinking a well-steeped bag. And it tastes great too.

  8. Kadyn

    Delicious, unfortunate and disappointed that each tea bag is individually wrapped in plastic.

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