Trader Joe’s Calming Sleep Formula Reviews

(10 customer reviews)

A supplement for occasional sleeplessness, with L-Theanine, 5-HTP, and Melatonin.

10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Calming Sleep Formula Reviews

  1. Kate

    Great item! Works well! Is it discontinued?

  2. Chi

    Fantastic and natural so no “hang over” or possibility of addiction!

  3. Anna

    Finally something to help with night terrors and sleep trouble! Two knocks me out since I’m a small person but taking one has been perfect!

  4. Rebecca Ryan

    Please bring back Melatonin 3mg without the other ingredients. rated it the best Melatonin supplement. Please don’t mess with a perfect thing!!

  5. Lecy

    Works better than anything else I’ve ever tried – I only use this occasionally but when my sleep schedule has been thrown out of wack by school, work, family, social life, I’ll take two of these to get myself back on my normal routine. I’ve never built up a resistance but I also don’t use them more than a couple of times a month MAX.

  6. Jon Theurich

    Best natural sleep aid supplement I’ve found. No side effects. Safe. Please bring this wonderful product back. I don’t want to shop at Whole Food or Amazon for a replacement, but will if I have to.

  7. Suzanne Giilis

    Works better than anything I’ve tried. Please bring this back. I’m lost without it.

  8. Adrienne Madolora

    This works so well!!! Reduces my anxiety and calms for a great night sleep with no grogginess the AM. Helps set my sleep schedule when it gets off-kilter.

  9. Lori

    I love this! Could not find on the shelf anymore. Has it been discontinued?

  10. Betty Sakkis

    Really works but no longer in stock.

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