Trader Joe’s Vitamin D3 Dietary Supplement Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Vitamin D3 Dietary Supplement Reviews

  1. John Franks

    It would be helpful to know if the Trader Joe’s vitamin D3 is a plant or animal base. thanks

  2. margarita

    animal based ingredients
    active ingredient: cholecalciferol
    other: bovine gelatin

  3. Samuel

    Was really hoping this was going to be vegan gels 🙁

  4. CavyMom

    This product is potent and it works to lower my BP and the doses of other meds. Regarding some other comments, Surprise! D3 builds bones and muscle because the best sources are animal-based. Vegan sources are mostly *fortified* with (synthetic?) D3. About the only natural vegan source is mushrooms, which btw, I read a comment about exposure to sunlight to raise the D level before consumption. Otherwise iHerb has a “Unique Vegan Vitamin D3 from Lichen Extract”. Lichen being a type of fungus.

  5. Anonymous

    Great supplement. Thank you Trader Joes!

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