Trader Joe’s Calcium, Magnesium, & Vitamin D in a Green Food Base Reviews

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30 reviews for Trader Joe’s Calcium, Magnesium, & Vitamin D in a Green Food Base Reviews

  1. Hermione

    EXCELLENT complement to my daily multi-vitamin!

    Unfortunately, this product seems to have been discontinued.
    Glad I bought several bottles before then.

    Please bring this product back, Trader Joe’s!

  2. Mattie Montalvo

    Hi Hermione. I just bought one yesterday from Trader Joe’s in Hoboken in NJ.

  3. indera sookraj

    Please bring above product back to the stores in las vegas. Very good product Thanks

  4. Christy Haupt

    Please, please bring this back! the horsetail is great for those of us who still have silver amalgam fillings, the nettle has it’s own super powers which I will miss and so also the spirulina. This was such a well made product.

  5. Debra Nakatomi

    This is such a great product! My 94 year old mother and I love this product! There was no warning. I went to the Sacramento store today and learned the news.
    Online marketers are taking advantage of the decision to discontinue and have spiked the price.
    Please bring this product back or replace it with a better version. Many thanks!

  6. Marsha McCrory

    Please bring this back! Have taken this for years and just found out it’s been discontinued. I’m missing it already!

  7. Glenda Bondy

    I agree this is a great product and there isn’t a replacement anywhere. Please bring it back!!

  8. jess

    please Trader joes Bring back this product!! !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kerry Li

    I really like this product. Please bring this back into stock.

  10. Rebecca Aqra

    Please bring back, loved this!!!

  11. Mathew Namala

    This is a very good supplement to my wife’s calcium. Please bring it back in St. Louis, MO.

  12. Betty Becker

    This is a great product. Only Calcium and Mag product I can take that doesn’t constipate me.

    Please bring this back to Media, PA

  13. Carol Rudolph

    Yes, please make this product available again! I buy 6+ bottles every time I go to Trader Joes here in Naples. Last trip they told me it had been discontinued. This is the only calcium/magnesium product that is easy to digest. I travel a lot, and it helps me to sleep to. I tried to order on Amazon, and they had to refund my order because they could not fulfill it. Is there any chance TJ will put this product back on their shelves?? Thank you!

  14. Jennifer Hill

    Trader Joes,
    Please bring this product back! We have been using it for years!! Everyone in our family takes it and we can not find a similar replacement! PLEASE consider making this available again!!!

  15. Mrs. T.L. Cays

    I researched the ingredients listed on the TJ bottle on-line and found the exact same product at Rainbow Light Food Based Calcium for a much lower price per bottle in a much larger quantity. I’ve been buying it that way for the last 2 years instead of paying TJ’s price per small bottle. All of TJ’s products are made by other companies and then private labeled, so maybe Rainbow Light was the manufacturer of this product.

  16. Richard

    YES. If it’s true that this has been discontinued, PLEASE bring it back !!! Charge more if you have to.

  17. Doreen Anderson

    The best ratio of calcium, magnesium & D3 on the market. PEASE BRING BACK!!!!! Yes, charge more if you have!

  18. heather

    Discontinued along with my pineapple and papaya enzymes. I may never go back to TJ’s. If you make a product that people love and discontinue them, there is no point in shopping there.

  19. Doris McBride

    I have taken the calcium, magnesium, vitamin D in green base for many years. So disappointing when the TJ stores stop stocking it. Can’t find anything even close to that ratio. Please restock the shelves in Las Vegas!!! I know of at least 6 people who take it regularly!!!

  20. Dorothy A Grecco

    Thank you, Richard, for the heads up on Rainbow Light Food Based Calcium. Just ordered! Bring it back, TJ!

  21. Mavis

    Bring this product back to Georgia!!!! I have been taking it for years. So disappointed!!!!

  22. Merrick Dean

    Another excellent product discontinues !! WHY !!!!!!!!!!! I relied on this supplement for years . Trader Joe I want to love you but certain discontinuations are really straining that love !
    5 stars for theproduct..Negative stars for discontinuing !!!!

  23. Carolyn Thoms

    Wow loved this product. Haven’t been able to take anything else for years have used this for about 20. You really should try and bring this back. Thanks Richard I will check out rainbow lite I saw them online while searching and wondered about them

  24. Jan Mullins

    Please bring this product back!!!! It’s been the only thing has help with brittle nails and energy!
    There is nothing out there that even comes close to a replacement. Bring it back to Minnesota!
    Thank you

  25. Kathy Wachtendorf

    I love these vitamins and had my 73 year old mom on them also but now I cannot find them. Please, bring these back!!

  26. MsRR

    please bring this product back… i NEED IT FOR MY HEART. No other CMD product has magnesium OXIDE.

  27. Rosemary Y

    This was the best supplement, and I depended on it. I credit it with an improved bone density report. Green base may be the secret that none other on the market offers. Please find a way to put it back on the shelf!

  28. Lisa S

    So disappointed that this is no longer available, I had been purchasing at TJ for years. Please bring this back! 5 stars for the product, but should be no stars now because it’s not available 🙁

  29. Kari

    I need this. I can tell when I don’t take it. I’m ornery & have fibromyalgia flare ups. I never believed a supplement could be more valuable to me until I started taking this.
    Why must it be discontinued?
    I can’t take the comparable formula due to the zinc.
    Please bring it back!
    Has anyone found a comparable product?

  30. Donnette

    After some detective work I found the exact same supplement comparison. It is “Rainbow” light food based calcium w/ magnesium & vit d. It’s at natural grocer. It is even a better price! I was excited to get it

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