Trader Joe’s Vegetable Bird’s Nests Reviews

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Birds nest veggies sold in the frozen section.

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Vegetable Bird’s Nests Reviews

  1. Joni

    Did these tonight for dinner and they were wonderful. Didnt like the dipping sauce, but these dont need it. Will definitely buy them again and again!!!

  2. Wes

    These tasted great, though they didn’t come out as crispy as I would have liked. Still, the flavors were tasty and it was a great combination of ingredients with a delicious (if unhealthy!) fried outer shell.

  3. Lena

    These are good but kind of softer/mushier than I would normally like. Some of the edges were quite crisp, so I don’t think it was a matter of not cooking them for long enough, but I’d be willing to give them another try. I wasn’t a fan of the dipping sauce, though.

  4. Shelly

    Greasy & delicious, another one of my all time favorite items at Trader Joe’s. They used to carry a variety pack, that was actually my favorite. It had these birdnests in it, along with eggplant, sweet potato, green beans, and something else that I’m forgetting. Gawd I miss that item!

  5. CJN

    These are a “must add” to any TJ’s cart. We love them and get them every single visit. We follow the directions and the outsides are crispy while the insides are tender and really like the dipping sauce. Only thing we add is a tiny sprinkle of salt.

  6. Sabrina

    Love the vegetable nest. I too did not use the dipping sauce. I only added a sprinkle of TJ’s 21 Seasoning Salute. Placed the vegetable nest in my Air Fryer on the French fry setting and turn them over half way through the cooking. Wonderful crisp edges on the outside and delicious.

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