Trader Joe’s Vegan Sour Cream Reviews

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Dairy-free, plant-based sour cream alternative.

Ingredients: water, coconut oil, modified food starch (corn starch, potato starch), natural flavors, distilled white vinegar, salt, carob bean gum, lactic acid, beta carotene (for color).

1 review for Trader Joe’s Vegan Sour Cream Reviews

  1. Lynette Mack

    As my husband and I continue our quest to decrease dairy and increase plants, we are looking for those unique products that provide the full taste experience we’ve enjoyed most of our lives. Sour Cream is one of these. This product, while promising, misses on texture and lacks on taste. The texture is too stiff, more like cream cheese and simply lacks the tangy, zesty, smooth and cooling sensation we remember from the dairy based product. I hope TJ’s will soon offer the sour cream produced by the Good Karma company.

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