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22 reviews for Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Organic Pea Protein Powder Reviews

  1. Dave Wissenbach

    This protein powder has two big problems — texture and taste. Even though the powder is so fine that you can choke on the dust if you scoop it too fast, no amount of mixing will get rid of that chalky texture.

    The second problem is that the taste is just awful — a bland bitterness that can’t be masked no matter how much salt and sweetener is added. It’s the gift that keeps on giving — the taste persists in the mouth long after the product has been consumed.

    I’m afraid that this can of protein powder is going to last a very, very, very long time.

  2. Sheri

    I was/am very pleased with this product….I mix with T.J.’s frozen blueberries and unsweetened coconut milk…it is a great price and with a protein content that works… For someone who needs to be gluten and dairy free, it is a good choice…I felt it had a somewhat floral after taste…. I like it!

  3. Dave

    Bland taste that can’t be hidden except with fruit or sugar , and that defeats the purpose of a zero carb(or as least low carb) product. I purchased some unsweetened almond milk that has vanilla flavoring and only has 2 grams of carbs. Come on guys it’s not rocket science. The vanilla protein powder tastes fine.

  4. Melanie Hope

    As an avid smoothie maker who subsists on protein powders (mostly whey), I can say that this is the WORST tasting protein I have ever…ever…EVER tasted. Blech. I had high hopes, but, sadly, no vegan diet for me. As my friend said, “There is no way to add a pea to a smoothie.” Yep.

    This had a grainy, gloppy texture and a NASTY taste…and after taste…and after after taste. I am sad that I wasted berries on this. Again, blech.

  5. Rosalee Ann Adams

    Very pleased with the unsweetened mixed with water as a protein supplement. I have tried many, but want just the protein not all the added stuff they normally include.

  6. Rebecca L.

    Looking for a plant-based protein product. Priced great. I really like that the only ingredient is organic pea. This is not an unflavored product. It tastes just like peas (as it should if it’s the only ingredient). I blended one scoop of pea protein powder, half of a banana, about a cup of frozen mixed berries, a cup of unsweetened almond milk, and a packet of truvia sweetener for my lunch. Tasted great and it had a good amount of protein to keep me full. I will buy this again.

  7. Anonymous

    I love the organic unsweetened pea protein powder. It has no additives — just pea protein. In a blender, I add frozen berries, pineapple, banana, unsweetened almond milk and a date for sweetness. If I want, some other items I add to vary the flavor…a little vanilla, plain non-fat Greek yogurt, maybe coco powder or cinnamon, turmeric and cayenne pepper, some ground flaxseed or some unsweetened pommegranite juice. I end up with 20 to 30 grams of protein and 250 to 300 calories for a meal replacement. It’s a great price for the number of servings.

  8. Joe

    I usually buy the Vanilla flavored, but my TJs is out of it about 75 percent of the time I try to buy it. So, I broke down and got the unsweetened. Since I used the product so much I immediately noticed that the scoop seemed to be larger! Luckily an old jar of the vanilla I hadn’t thrown away yet, and sure enough, THE UNSWEETENED SCOOP IS LARGER THAN THE VANILLA!!
    Just looked at the amount in container and ratios…there’s more by volume in the vanilla but less servings per container with a smaller scoop. How does THAT work?

  9. Joel

    If you are looking for a sweet pea protein powder, don’t buy one that is unsweetened. This is smooth and bland, but not offensive. I add a small amount of instant Juan Valdez coffee to it for flavor and some anti-inflammatory spices (turmeric black pepper, ginger). The price is relatively inexpensive for a protein powder that is 80 percent protein.

  10. jared

    smells like ground dog food. tastes like ground dog food.

  11. Sara

    Less than half way full for $20. I dont think so.

  12. Anonymous

    Great stuff!

  13. Lu

    I LOVE the unsweetened Pea Protien. It literally made the difference for me after years of struggling to find a supplement that I’m not allergic to. My health, body composition, energy level, and meal plans all benefit from this fantastic product. It’s great for baking, energy shakes, a thickener for sauces, blend with your favorite seasoning or toppings for healthy popcorn snacks. It SO versatile. I will mourn if it is ever discontinued. It’s hands down my favorite Trader Joe’s staple food.

  14. Tracie

    Just found out this was discontinued. It’s been a staple in my cabinet for years. It’s the only protein I know that was vegan, low carb, and had all the BCAA’s and extra nutrients that was actually affordable. I’m truly sad to see it go and not sure where I’m gonna get a replacement. The hemp just doesn’t cut it.

  15. Joel Shaw

    This product is neutral tasting when mixed with anything including water then blended with Cocao and a banana for flavor.
    Please bring this product back as I was told it was discontinued by a store employee. Unfortunately, this seems to be par for the course with a lot of excellent TJ products I like. Thank you for bringing it back tomorrow.

  16. Derek

    This is a great unflavored and vegan protein for a very affordable price ($11.99) where I’m located. I heard from the store that this had been discontinued—so sad if that’s true. The taste is neutral and is flavored by whatever you mix with the protein, such as fruits, veggies, yogurt. Don’t read too much into the other reviews above about the taste. They are wrong, and probably prefer the other fake flavored non-pea proteins out there (e.g. vanilla, chocolate). Please bring this back TJs!

  17. Laurie

    This is what I use for my smoothies. Please bring it back ! Thank you!!

  18. Linda

    Will this be coming back in stock soon? This was our “meat” and main source of protein..

  19. Mark

    My staple add-in for smoothies and shakes. Please bring this back ASAP!!
    Or offer a substitute with same/similar ingredients.

  20. Pam

    So sad this was discontinued. It was a great addition to my savory soups, hot breakfast cereals like spelt, teff or amaranth porridge and smoothies for that extra protein boost. Please, please bring this back.

  21. Julia

    I’ve tried just about every protein powder out there and this is the one I was planning to use forever! (My husband likes it as well.)

    I’ve just learned that it’s been discontinued and am pretty unhappy about it. It looks as though TJ’s has offered it for several years, although I only found it last year. So it’s not as though it was a special, one-time special purchase by TJ’s. PLEASE bring it back, TJ’s!! Even at a higher price it would still be a GREAT product.

  22. Missy

    Please bring back the unsweetened Trader Joe’s pea protein. I added it to my homemade lentil soup for extra protein and it was a great product. Please bring it back. I know it was a popular product as it always went fast off the shelves.

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