Trader Joe’s Organic Hemp Protein Vanilla Flavored Reviews

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1 review for Trader Joe’s Organic Hemp Protein Vanilla Flavored Reviews

  1. Wes

    I was looking for a protein powder that doesn’t have any dairy ingredients, and also isn’t made with soy. From what I’d read, hemp protein powders seemed to be the best bet.

    I wanted to like this one, but there are several issues:

    1. It’s a lot lower in protein than most protein powders. Even for four tablespoons, it’s only less than 20% of daily protein requirements.

    2. The instructions say to put it in water/milk/juice — but whoa, do not do this and expect it to be palatable! I tried it in water, and mixed very thoroughly. Even kept it for hours and kept mixing periodically and drinking some to see if it would get any better. Nope. Very gross and unappealing.

    Granted, most protein powders are likely gross in that context. But for the product label to specifically recommend that as the method… I wouldn’t heed that advice. Maybe there would be better luck in a smoothie.

    I also didn’t taste “vanilla” flavor. I’m sure without whatever the additive is, it would be even grosser. But it certainly doesn’t taste very vanilla-ish to me.

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