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19 reviews for Life Balance Pure Egg White Protein Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Just started using egg white protein powder 2 weeks ago and am absolutely loving it. Easy to digest. Makes smoothies creamy and frothy. No weird flavoring. Just great texture and great long-burning protein.

  2. Jennifer

    I add this to (hide it in) my daughter’s oatmeal.. She is picky and doesn’t like eggs or meat in general, so it’s a good way to get her protein. I also use Tj’s shelled hemp seeds!

  3. Javi

    Great product. Highly recommended.

  4. Javi

    Great product.

  5. mija

    I’ve been searching for months for a whey free, stevia free, sugar-free protein powder that didn’t take like dirt and THIS IS IT!

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve tried a lot of different protein powders. This is the best yet.

  7. JT

    Surprisingly tasty. I’m working late tonight and I mixed it with a little hot water to make “scrambled eggs” in a cup.

  8. Jan

    I needed to ramp up the protein in my backpacking breakfast meals. I added it to my cereal, and was happy to find it dissolved quickly with hot or cold water. It was taste-free and added just the kick I needed. It’s a staple now. THANKS!

  9. Cheryl

    I add this to my frozen trader joe’s steel cut oats for extra protein since it only has 5g.

    I was searching high and low for whey protein powder but everything had questionable ingredients. I came across this at Trader Joe’s and was so happy to see that it had only one ingredient – egg whites! Not to mention 16g of protein for 1/4 cup. I mix it right in with my oatmeal. I add a tiny bit of extra water, frozen blueberries, raisins and cinnamon and everything takes amazing! Great stuff!

  10. Finian Curran

    I added it to water and went out for a 13 mile run !!!(Note to self not the best idea) My goal was To finish a 50 mile training week.
    Thanks for more options to use it,
    I like the idea of adding it to Oatmeal.
    Going to use it Pre and Post work out and avoid during workout from now on,Yet I still finish my Goal Week so I will recommend the product.

  11. Marge Morosko

    If I make a smoothies the powder mixes with the blender. Now I have tried it to make hot chocolate and just add it to my Almond cold milk but no luck getting it to mix. Any suggestions?

  12. Renee Clark

    I make my own protein bars with chocolate, coconut, almonds, and dates. Reconstituted with water, this provides the perfect “glue” to make them stick together.

  13. Lindsay

    I’m obsessed. I love the simplicity! Just egg whites. I love how it has zero flavor so I can actually taste the things I mix with it. I like how it gets a frothy and creamy texture. I hope trader Joe’s will always carry this!

  14. Nancy Monahan

    absolutely love this product, I really am not a big foodie person. I love shakes and add it to all my shakes. Excited to add it to other mixes for extra protien

  15. Pamela

    I’ve been using this product with wonderful results for the past two years… Oh mySo disappointed when I find a product that is good for me & I can eat (due to so many dietary restrictions). Today I went to Trader Joe’s & they don’t have the product on their shelves any longer .

  16. Stuart

    It is a great way to add protein to baked goods.
    I went to the Monterey, CA store to find tha ti is no longer available.
    Like Pamela, am disappointed.

  17. Steve o

    Trader Joe’s sucks
    They have been doin that for 25 years or more. The discontinue the best stuff

  18. Erin

    My dialysis patients like it as well. I found it on for $14.99. It is not a Prime item though.

  19. Julia K

    I love this egg white protein and was so disappointed like some others here that they discontinued it. It’s sugar free, no taste and mixed so well in smoothies. Hopefully they’ll bring it back since on Amazon it says currently unavailable.

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