Trader Joe’s Unsalted Organic Butter Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Unsalted Organic Butter Reviews

  1. Stewart

    Perfectly good butter for using in baking, melting, or as spread.

  2. roger

    The ingredients state: organic sweet cream, lactic acid. Yet, the color is more yellow than true butter and it tastes like it has corn oil added to it. I melted 8 sticks for a large recipe and the corn odor was undeniable. If they are dishonest about the ingredients, l question whether it is even organic. Disgusting!

  3. Rex Bailey

    This butter is terrible. I want grass-fed butter. This is completely flavorless chunky crap like lard! Bring back the Kerrygold!

  4. framistat

    Tastes rancid; harder than Kerrygold. Going to return it. For those who don’t know, Kerry had PFAS in their packaging (forever chemicals, same as BurgerKing wrappers) and had to change it to meet regulations in NY and CA that went into effect January 1, 2023. That’s why it’s not on store shelves here.

  5. Ratushebarl

    Do not eat. TJ’s thinks this is how you think cultured butter should taste, but actually it’s either spoiled or artificially flavored to taste like it.

    They do the same with olive oil, TJ’s is rancid and bitter and they’d like you to think that’s the “strong” flavor of good olive oil. No, it should taste like olives.

  6. Josssy Mari

    TJ’s unsalted butter taste like lard or something.
    I stop shopping there. Their organic are not really organic. I research a lot of their products are bad. Example is their organic oranges. Yuk! I’m done with Trader Joe’s!!!

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