Trader Joe’s Umami Flavored Corn Tortilla Chips Reviews

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Savory and sweet. Gluten-free.

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18 reviews for Trader Joe’s Umami Flavored Corn Tortilla Chips Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Slightly sweet. Saltier than expected considering the sodium level is below 100 mg per serving.

  2. RD

    not good, they have a stale texture and the flavor is way too sweet

  3. Kat

    Looked forward to the sweet taste, but these are tasteless and they seemed stale. I love Trader Joe’s, but they missed the mark on these!

  4. DD

    Stale, yep.

  5. Jennifer W in Santa Monica, CA !!

    I am not sure what the low reviews are about but I am obsessed with these chips! It’s kind of like a Light Worcestershire meets corn chip meets so freaking yummy!!!!! I just bought seven bags in case they decide to discontinue or it’s seasonal I’m 57 and 110 pounds so that should tell you some thing I love these chips!!

  6. ultibman5000

    Good chips. Could really taste the tamari sweetness in them, albeit to the point of which I feel they could’ve used more mushroom flavoring to emphasize a more “proteiny/rich” umami taste profile over the sweetness taste profile. Perhaps in addition to more mushrooms, a very light addition of some kind of beans (like black beans) into the chips would also work in emphasizing the umami aspect. Overall though, a nice snack that helps to satisfy your hunger.

  7. GEND

    The flavor was sweet and slightly savory – tasted a little like soy sauce. I did think the chip was a little too flavorful, but it was good when I ate it with guac

  8. Daniel Valenzuela

    I agree with the others. For some reason, even when fresh, the chips have a stale feel to them. They didn’t seem to go with anything either. Didn’t mesh well with salsa or bean dip.

    I’m never buying these again.

  9. Marsha

    My husband and I LOVE these chips! I was so disappointed to find that they are no longer available at my store, apparently as this was a “limited” item. Please, TJ, bring these back!

  10. Anonymous

    The perfect blend of salty and sweet. Just when I’m addicted, they pull my favorite snack! Bring back the chips!!

  11. Joyce Williams

    My family and I LOVE these chips!! They paired so well with my homemade taco soup. It was a party in your mouth. The combination of savory, sweet, with a hint of lime…. TJ you have to re-stock these !

  12. Marlene Foley

    Love these chips. Don’t get the comments about them being stale tasting. Tried buying at local TJ’s was told they were a one time buy. Sad because I’d buy more

  13. Roxie

    I love these chips; they are currently not available in Chapel Hill: I’m allowing myself only one each day to make them last. They have a tamari taste and a nice crunch. I toast mine occasionally to keep them crisp.

  14. Hannah

    My husband and I LOVE these! Please bring them back! We bought some on every visit after we discovered them and were devastated when we could no longer find them. They are so addictive and tasty! Not sure what the other reviews mean by stale… the ones we got in West Los Angeles tasted amazing!

  15. Alison

    These chips are fantastic!!!! They were an impulse buy with no regrets. When I went back to Trader Joe’s specifically to buy more…..sadness……I was met with disappointment and informed they were a seasonal offering… whoa is me and my intense craving for the Umami Flavored Corn Tortilla Chips!!!! I sure hope that they are brought back.

  16. TaRhea

    Oh, I absolutely love and crave these chips every time I step into a Trader Joe’s store. And I’m constantly reminded that they are no longer there. Please bring them back pretty please!

  17. Rayna

    These chips are the absolute best I do not understand why there are low ratings. Had I known that this was a seasonal chip I would’ve definitely stacked up. They are that freaking good. Please bring them back! PLEASE!

  18. Dylan

    I’ve literally been looking for these chips in every Trader Joe’s store. I go to and I’m so disappointed that I can’t find them. Now I know that it’s because they have either been discontinued or they’re just seasonal, which is also disappointing. It’s the best chip you guys have made hands-down bring them back now! Lol.

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