Trader Joe’s Papadum Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Papadum Reviews

  1. Sabine Allen

    The. Best. Snack! I do not eat crackers or chips a lot but these are totally more-ish. You want more of them when you taste them! Not just as am accompanyment to Indian food, but just anytime. Great with soups or salads or as a stand alone snack! I wished that Trader Joe’s would carry them in their regular assortment!

  2. Snack Food Guru

    Awful. I opened the package and was greeted by the smell of rancid oil. Pasty and nasty, bad aftertaste. Nothing like a real papadum. Avoid.

  3. Diane

    My disappointment is that they are too fragile to stand up to any dips I’ve tried. Hummus would have to be the consistency of tomato sauce to work with these papadums. They break just looking at them.

  4. Helen

    Scrumptious! Really addictive. Bring em back please.

  5. Kate

    Savory and delicious. They are a light crisp and probably won’t stand up to dipping. Use pita chips for that!

  6. Anonymous

    Fantastic snacking food & I love them with soups and other savory meals… they will never replace the real thing, but I truly enjoy this tasty treat, just the right amount of cumin.

  7. Chels

    It’s the best chips that I had and it’s also so filling. I really wish this was not a seasonal product. Please bring it back.

  8. TJs Lover

    I’m sorry, TJs, but this snack tastes like cardboard that’s been underbaked and dusted with cumin. I don’t know how this product ever passed the taste test panel. The chips smelled slightly rancid as well. TJs mostly hits bullseyes, but this concept missed the target by a mile. I’ve cooked pappadum at home that is so much better than this packing material cracker. The single star is for the nice packaging.

  9. S

    Interesting flavor in a good way. Like the cumin taste. Light crunch. High sodium (210mg) even though doesn’t taste salty.

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