Trader Joe’s Sweet Onion & Bacon Vinaigrette Dressing Reviews

(23 customer reviews)

23 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sweet Onion & Bacon Vinaigrette Dressing Reviews

  1. Kimberly Sosnowski

    This is one of the best dressings. We purchased it for Christmas and it was a huge hit with the family! If you like onions and bacon, this is for you.

  2. Jane

    Really like this dressing, but according to my local TJs it has been discontinued. If cost doesn’t matter, it seems to be available on Amazon for abt $20 a bottle.

  3. Gail Lingerfelt

    Please bring this dressing back!!! It’s the BEST!!!!!

  4. Pea

    Please bring this dressing back. It is delicious!

  5. Karen

    This was delicious dressing. I wish they would bring it back.

  6. Joe

    Trader Joe’s what are you doing?…BRING THIS SALAD DRESSING BACK!!! IT WAS LOVED BY ALL

  7. Kate

    This is LEGIT the only salad dressing I use. Please bring it back. Will happily pay more for it.

  8. susan

    We need this salad dressing back on the shelf!!!

  9. Joe

    I like many other would love to have this product back. Please please bring it back it’s the best.

  10. Yunhee Sym

    This dressing was the main reason I visited Trader Joe’s. Please bring it back.

  11. Deb Kruse

    Like the other loyal TJ shoppers….pleeeeease. bring back the bacon and sweet onion vinaigrette , there is nothing else out there like it. It hits all the right flavor notes and is so versatile
    Thank you

  12. Bonnie

    PLEASE bring this dressing back!!!!

  13. Richard Metcalf

    Fabulous Fabulous Trader Joe’s please bring it back.

  14. Cindy

    I was so happy when I discovered this! I was trying to lose a few pounds, and this fit the program!! It was DELICIOUS!!! I apologize to the TJ employees I almost strangled when they told me it was discontinued!! PLEASE, PLEASE bring this one back!!

  15. Britiany Gaskins

    Seriously need to being this back!! It was AMAZING!!! My favorite was to toss some sauteed brussel sprouts in it!! Yum!!! I crave this dressing!!

  16. Holly

    THE BEST DRESSING!!!! I miss it! please bring it back!

  17. Elyana

    Can you please bring it back!

  18. Caden

    Pease bring it back

  19. Joann McDermott

    This was the best dressing I’ve ever had! You have to bring it back to your stores! Danbury CT

  20. Kari

    PLEASE BRING IT BACK! Delicious!!!❤️

  21. Cameron

    My favorite! Bring it back!!!!

  22. Anonymous

    Best salad dressing ever. Trader’s always does this and you really like a product and they get rid of it. Recently I bought in the freezer section a tray of scalloped potatoes. They were the so good and made with several cheeses. Went back to get another package and was told it’s seasonal… Get it next fall. No one eats scalloped potatoes???? Traders is getting on my nerves…

  23. Yvi

    Why is it gone? Can we petition the supplier? This is a better dressing for the chicken arugula salad than the one the salad comes with lol !

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