Trader Joe’s Turkey Cranberry Apple Salad Reviews

(12 customer reviews)

Turkey breast meat with sweet dried cranberries, tangy green apples, pecans, and sage.

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Turkey Cranberry Apple Salad Reviews

  1. Nancy

    I wanted to like this, it sounded good on the package…I was bummed, too much onion taste over powered all the other flavors 🙁

  2. Tracy

    I bought this and was hoping it would be good and it was! Surprised that someone said it was too onion-y, because I don’t like onions and I didn’t think it had a strong onion flavor at all. I will definitely buy this again!

  3. Eva

    Not a fan at all. I usually buy the curry chicken salad, so I assumed this one would be good. It had too much of a citrus flavor that through me off.

  4. Stephanie

    This is delicious! I cannot wait until it is back!

  5. Lis M

    This was pretty yucky. I was very hopeful so I bought two. One for my lunch at that moment and one for my husband to bring to work. But honestly… gross. Little to no turkey and so much Mayo and cran/apple. Walk by this one!

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