Trader Joe’s Cranberry Sauce Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cranberry Sauce Reviews

  1. NancyO

    My absolute favorite! GF Frozen Waffle, Earth Balance, Cranberry Sauce … Serious YUM!

  2. Judi

    tJ’s cranberry sauce is delicious! Has sugar but no corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Only negative is that I is only available in November & December! I will stock up next year!

  3. Diane DeNuccio

    I found it lacking in cranberry flavor. Not tart. Not sweet. Just boring. Since there are only 4 ingredients (cranberry, sugar, water, pectin) I have to presume they use too much water and pectin, so that’s what diluted the cranberry flavor away.

  4. Diane DeNuccio

    I meant to add that in previous years I liked it, so maybe they altered the recipe or the ratios in 2019. (???)

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