Trader Joe’s Turkey Broth Reviews

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Turkey Broth Reviews

  1. Cindy

    Not having enough broth from my Thanksgiving turkey, I used this broth to make my cornbread dressing and I couldn’t tell the difference. Turkey broth is difficult to find so I was happy to find this at TJ’s.

  2. cj ol

    I normally make my own stock but did not have time this year. Instead I added TJ’s turkey stock to my bones and veggies to make stock.

    DISASTER. Turkey stock had no smell in tetra container; I should have tasted it. Resulting stock from bones and veggies tastes like old socks.

    I made a separate batch with uncooked wings, giblets, and some lose bones with just water. Tasted Great, so it was definitely the TJ stock….

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