Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Pretzels Reviews

(9 customer reviews)

Teeny tiny pretzels covered in a ginger candy coating and topped with crystallized ginger and TJ’s triple ginger snaps.


9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Pretzels Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Pretty sweet, like 8/10. Not much crumbled ginger snaps coated.

  2. Anonymous

    Can taste the ginger. Nice crunch. If only they were less sweet.

  3. Anonymous

    Delicious! Addicting! I wish the bag was bigger. 15/10

  4. Sami S

    My absolute new favorite snack. I hope they brings these back frequently

  5. Charlotte B.

    Da bomb! Immediate love! Gracious! Thank you for selling them!

  6. KingOfBeacon

    Already on bag number 2.

  7. Char

    Tasty! I love ginger. Only just tasted the first bag and next day I got another bag!

  8. Helen

    These triple ginger pretzel treats are the best new TJ’s product. I know they’re sweet, but the complex, interesting flavor is just outstanding!

  9. Michelle Hudson

    Love these keep them always

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