Trader Joe’s Taiwanese Green Onion Pancakes Reviews

(31 customer reviews)

Each box contains five pancakes.

Ingredients: Unbleached Wheat Flour, Water, Green Onions, Coconut Oil, Salt, and Baking Powder.

31 reviews for Trader Joe’s Taiwanese Green Onion Pancakes Reviews

  1. Anonymous


  2. Jaycee Smith

    These savory Taiwanese pancakes are so flaky and delicious! Everyone needs to try these!

  3. Stewart

    These green onion scallion pancakes are absolutely delicious! I was a little skeptical because I love green onion cakes so much from restaurants, that I doubted whether these could compare. Luckily, they really do. My household is officially addicted. Such a good crunch, flavor, texture, everything. I’ve only tried making them in a pan on the stove so far, but the air fryer is next!

  4. Tim Liao

    Really really good but you have to cook them with oil. Don’t forgo the oil. Oil is what makes all Asian food taste good

  5. G. Haupt

    I lived in Taipei for 10+ years (former English teacher) and am beyond excited that a family member found these fantastic Taiwanese Green Onion Pancakes at Trader Joes!!! ! I don’t care how many miles I’ll have to drive if I cannot order these on line!!!!

  6. Kathy Schramm

    These are really good! Trying to figure out if they have already been discontinued, or if it’s just that the Monterey store stopped carrying them.

  7. Anonymous

    Really great pancakes that are vegans friendly! I hope they are back in stock in Santa Barbara!

  8. Kathleen

    These are fantastic! I loved eating them for a vegan dinner with a JUSTEgg and spicy dipping sauce. Then they stopped getting them in the store and haven’t had them in weeks. Very sad…

  9. Barbara

    These are just flour and fat, and tasteless. Okay if you can afford 330 calories with minimal nutrition.

  10. arleen

    These pancakes are different from what Trader Joes sold before. These are awful no flavor hardly any scallions in them and when you bite into them it taste like tough fried dough. I bought 4 packages because they had been out for so long, my bad. Bring back the “Trader Joes Scallion Pancakes (Pa jeon) PLEASE

  11. Foodie

    Fresh tasting

  12. Asian foodie

    I chopped more scallions after cooking on side and pressed it in before flipping!!! Omg! Proud to serve my guest!!!

  13. Chelsea

    These taste like a tortilla with a little green onion.

  14. Priya

    super thick i wish it was a little thinner! but very flavorful

  15. karatemom

    Hands down the best! Better than the typical Chinese brands in Asian grocery stores

  16. Becky

    My Chinese immigrant mom used to make these fresh from scratch but with age can’t anymore and raves about these.
    Note these are Taiwanese green onion pancakes (layers of flour and green onion). The Korean pajeon pancakes are a very different dish (yummy too though!).

  17. Susie Que

    Visiting family in Napa and was served these tonight with dinner!!! WOW !! Excellent!!

  18. Alice

    These are amazing and so much better than anticipated. I just wish they were still at my Trader Joe’s in Portsmouth, NH. They have some other ones there now, but they’re not vegan. Please TJ’s in Portsmouth, NH, bring these back!

  19. jessica

    I came from Taiwan and I love it. I purchased them regularly but lately, I don’t see them anymore, I hope they will restock them soon!

  20. Tony T

    Trader joes keeps running out of these. They are so good they only remain in stock only a few hours in the Schaumburg, Illinois store. Tried the Deerfield, IL store and they never seem to have them. Trader Joes could probable stack a huge refrigerated container ship from Taiwan full of the green onion pancakes and they would be gone in a couple of days. We also looked in Grand Rapids, Michigan, none there. Trader Joes should build a facility in the US to make them. Every time my wife sees them she buys at least 5 packages because she knows they’ll be gone in no time!!!

  21. Sherrice

    I have bought these in groups of 5, multiple time, and they still seem to fly out of my freezer. I am going to be BIG sad when I cannot find these anymore. Best thing out of Trader Joe’s in 2022.

  22. Noah

    I like the green

  23. Anonymous

    WOW! I had such high expectations for these. Sorry, they let me down. Blah.

  24. Rick W

    These Tawanese Green Onion Pancakes are amazing. Fry them and cook an egg over the top, put sweet soy sauce or spicy chile sauce on them and wow…you will be hooked. I first tried them in Taipei, Taiwan as it is sold at breakfast spots througout. These are authentic!

  25. amy

    i cannot find them at my local TJ in CA. Please bring them back. I m hooked on these.

  26. Andrew-LBC

    I told my wife, no way I’m eating that so called pancake. “It does not look like pancake.” I told her in the store, I’m not eating it. Well, Its Freak in Delicious. Like a fresh, thick, Mexican tortilla, but little thicker with green onion inside. Not over powered onion taste at all. Smooth and diecious.

  27. kk

    please let me know when are you restocking it? can’t find in los angeles/valencia area

  28. DC

    By no means perfect, but these are an amazing alternative. I use a small amount of sesame oil to cook them through.

  29. TLL

    Yuck! Tough, tasteless. I tried 3 of them and actually threw the remaining 2 out.

  30. Anne Messer

    Gave us food poisoning. Only the 3 adults who ate them got sick.
    Marked as expiring Dec 2024.

  31. Jessica

    Love love love the pancakes!!!!

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