Trader Joe’s Garlic Sauce Thai Noodles Reviews

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Ingredients: Water, Wheat Flour, Garlic, Chili Peppers, Onions, Rice Bran Oil, Wheat Gluten, Coconut Sugar, Modified Tapioca Starch, Scallions, Soy Sauce, Cornstarch, Sea Salt, Fish Sauce, Black Pepper, Yeast Extract, and Sugar.


22 reviews for Trader Joe’s Garlic Sauce Thai Noodles Reviews

  1. Sarah Moreno

    The fish sauce and anchovies are way too overpowering. I was expecting something completely different and I bought 3 of these! Definitely not my favorite.

  2. Mike Chambers

    This is terrible, I will never buy it again. I could barely get half way through it before dumping it out. Like Sarah, I was expecting something different than this. The noodles are good, but the sauce is pretty much disgusting.

  3. Anonymous

    This was the worst thing I have ever gotten from Trader Joes. Can’t even explain how terrible it was.

    Do not buy

  4. Mame

    Oh no, blech, blech, just horrible!

  5. Anonymous

    absolutely atrocious. would give 0 stars if i could

  6. Olivia

    I love garlic, and I’ve never met a noodle meal I didn’t like, but these are truly repulsive. It baffles me that they even allow these to be on the shelves.

  7. Marie

    OMG! I’m pretty sure this is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. All I tasted was garlic. I’m staying in a tiny home for a vacation and I can’t get the smell out of the house. I took one bite and almost threw up. I LOVE garlic, but this just tastes like an entire bulb of garlic with noodles. I can’t even believe that Trader Joe’s is selling this repulsive garbage.

  8. Me

    The noodles and sauce smelled and tasted like gasoline. I’ve never tasted gas before, but if I were to, that’s how I’d imagine it would taste.

  9. Renee

    This was one of the sickest things I’ve ever tasted (next to TJ’s salmon burgers, years ago ).

    It’s actually shocking that they sell this. It is not good. It tastes how you’d imagine cat vomit would taste.

  10. Yucko

    IMO it’s not disgusting, just really really terrible. Simultaneously flavorless and bad tasting.

    It makes no sense that Trader Joe’s releases this junk when they obviously have connections to good chefs/producers in Thailand (the frozen Thai eggplant, banana fritters, and green curry with tofu sheets are great).

    It makes no sense that this awful glop comes out of the same kitchen that produces the red curry (decent) and the peanut satay (passable) versions of the same product.

    It makes no sense that this ever passed a panel of taste testers.

    I have an iron stomach and put tons of garlic in everything, and I’m telling you this just ain’t good — don’t bother trying it.

  11. Tam

    Horrid. Really really horrid. Like the green inner part of the garlic clove that you throw away. And sweet. So gross, bitter, and too sweet.

  12. Dustin

    I’ve never left a review on a TJ’s product before, but I had to for this one. This is absolutely the worst TJs food I’ve ever had. It tastes and smells like paint thinner.

  13. Anonymous

    Absolutely repulsive

  14. Matthew

    Taste like gasoline noodles. Abominable. Please, would rather eat noodles in unsalted water, flavored with dirt.

  15. Anna

    that movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile should have been made about this horrific noodle dish instead. I can’t believe Trader Joe would do us like this.

  16. Sarah V

    Terrible sauce. Would not eat again.

  17. Anonymous

    I was reading these reviews as I was taking my first bite. I quickly realized the gasoline reviews are in fact true…

  18. Steve Falise

    Weird…I love asian noodle/soup cups, thai food, garlic, etc. but this was a total miss! Doesn’t anyone at TJ taste test these things? This was REALLY BAD, almost an ammonia taste! Seriously TJ, don’t do this to me again, my loyalty has limits.

  19. Teri

    Oh my god I wish I’d seen this page before I bought these, because they’re totally disgusting. They somehow had a plasticky taste? (I promise I removed the plastic before cooking; I think they’re just honestly that bad.) Tossed the whole thing after two bites.

  20. MG

    I would give this a -5 if I could. Not only is the sauce visually repulsive (like dog barf), it smelled horrible and made my office smell so bad, unforgivable. After all that trauma, I still gave it a chance thinking “it cannot possibly be that bad” after all I have trust in Trader Joe… It not only made my stomach flip, it created some office tension.

  21. wow

    -100. I think I’m going to die from these noodles. Gasoline, plastic warehouse, paint … most disgusting thing ive ever eaten and I literally feel like I just gave myself cancer from force feeding myself because I had nothing else to eat at work.

  22. Anonymous

    Also wish I had seen these reviews before stocking these for my lunch this week. As soon as I opened it, the smell was awful. I ate it anyway because if I don’t eat lunch I’m a monster. But now I’m up at 1AM with MAJOR stomach regrets. DO NOT BUY.

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