Trader Joe’s Sweet & Salty Umami Crunchies Rice Crackers Reviews

(12 customer reviews)

Ingredients: rice, rice oil, soy sauce, sugar, modified tapioca starch.


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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sweet & Salty Umami Crunchies Rice Crackers Reviews

  1. Divya

    This is so perfect! Hits all the right spots on my taste buds!! Love, love it. Can this snack be forever avaiable?

  2. Hannah

    OMG UMAMI! I agree with Divya – I need these forever!

  3. Cathy

    Please don’t ever stop carrying these ! They are seriously so delicious I can eat more then 1 bag to myself

  4. Sarah

    These are so amazing.

  5. umami crunchie queen

    these are so delicious!!! one of my fave trader joe’s snacks of all time

  6. TSP

    I don’t understand the reviews above – while these are FINE, they leave a distinctly oily and unpleasant finish in the mouth, and provide little-to-no taste, in comparison to some of TJ’s other “sweet & salty”-labeled snacks. Missed the mark on this one for me, especially when comparing the label to the actual experience of eating the product.

  7. Anonymous

    My all-time favorite TJ’s snack! The texture is perfectly crispy crunchy, and it’s the exact balance of sweet and salty that makes me want to eat an entire bag in one sitting!

  8. Carrie Canady

    Do they make a bigger bag? These are the perfect snack! Just the right amount of sweet and salty !! Love love them!!

  9. Jerabbit

    Satisfying crunch terrible oily finish.

  10. Andria

    Can’t get enough of them, they are the best snack yet! Disappointed I was told they won’t be back until July.

  11. Rob

    So very addictive. I get the oily aftertaste but it’s not unpleasant at all. Yum.

  12. Stacy

    These are AMAZING. ADDICTIVE.i need these forever. So i went back to tjs and they said they should be back in stock end of july..i did my best not to cry and throw a tantrum but i did visibly pout.

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