Trader Joe’s Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets Reviews

  1. Stacy

    I seriously can’t get enough of these crunchy, salty, slightly greasy nuggets of yumminess! I can devour a whole bag in one sitting. I just visited my local TJs last night and bought 7 bags….that should keep my stocked up for a couple of days.

  2. Carmen

    They are really amazing! You can’t stop eating them.

  3. CLA

    Finally, not only a snack food for those on medically restricted diets (renal, low sodium, low oxalate, reasonable carbs,etc.), they are REALLY DELICIOUS!
    Thanks Trader Joe’s!

  4. Shelly&kris

    They are absolutely delicious!! We bought 10 bags stocked up .

  5. Cari craig

    I love these however I just realized that they have palm oil in them. Which is killing the orangotangs and their habitat. I cannot support that. I would be willing to pay more with them using a different oil.

  6. Anonymous

    Sooo tasty! Loved the crispy yet chewy texture! Wish it was available regularly though :/

  7. Anonymous

    It’s crunchy and the rice tastes great!

  8. Theresa

    My whole family loves these! Super crunchy and addictive! Please don’t stop making these.

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