Trader Joe’s Sweet Cinnamon-Filled Korean Pancakes Reviews

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A chewy-flaky dough with a lusciously gooey cinnamon filling, also known as Hotteok (a traditional Korean street snack). Just heat & serve.

Ingredients: water, wheat flour, batter mix (wheat flour, modified tapioca starch, sugar, cornstarch, sweet rice flour, canola oil, rice flour, dextrose, salt, glucono-delta-lactone, sodium bicarbonate), sweet rice flour, sugar, sweet potato mousse (sweet potato, water, sugar, modified cornstarch, salt, vinegar, xanthan gum), soybean oil, yeast, cinnamon, caramel color, and sea salt.

Contains soy and wheat.

280 calories and 27g sugar per pancake (4 pancakes per container).

9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sweet Cinnamon-Filled Korean Pancakes Reviews

  1. Wester

    These are absolutely incredible. It tastes like a fresh fried donut combined with a cinnamon sugar pop-tart! I made it in the air fryer following the directions on the package (5 minutes at 325 degrees), and it came out perfectly. Often TJ’s packages list directions that don’t seen to match reality. (For example, needing to put it in for way longer than the package says.) Happy to report that wasn’t the case here!

    I let it cool for almost 10 minutes before eating it, and it was A+ all-around. Perfect texture, taste, filling, everything. I already can’t wait to eat the other ones in the package!

    It’s also not too strongly cinnamon, which is great. Some cinnamon stuff tastes so bitter/strong that it detracts from the dessert/snack for me. Not the case here!

    I’ve never had the authentic version of the Korean street food that these are based on, but I’d love to try that after seeing how good this Trader Joe’s version is.

    Tip: it’s sold in the frozen breakfast section, FYI. I almost missed it because I wasn’t looking in the right area.

  2. Ivy

    Very greasy. I cooked them in the air fryer as directed with no added oils, but they were greasy and oozed with oil as I bit into them. The filling was also a little bit gritty, a bit like red bean paste that is found in other asian pastries. I was not really impressed and don’t know what to do with the remaining pancakes.

  3. Merri Turner

    This were amazing and delicious (for people who like food). I haven’t had an authentic hotteok, but I loved. Wished there were more than four. Although it was a little oily, one every once in a while won’t hurt (people who enjoy food and culture). I hope these come back.

  4. Pat Greene

    When I first had these, they were undercooked. I really like to carmelize them, so for me that means frying on top of the stove, about 3 mins per side (nuking 20-30 sec prior). Great with a dusting of powdered sugar too!

  5. Anonymous

    It’s OK. Nothing special!

  6. Juanita Franklin

    FINALLY tried these this morning! A friend and I tried to get them last year with no luck (nearest TJ is 2+ hours away!). We were in KC in late November and found them there. I cooked them in my Breville air-fryer for 7 minutes from frozen, let them sit for another minute before blotting grease off (why do they have to add so much?), then dusted with just a bit of powdered sugar. SO DELICIOUS! Definitely an every once in a while treat at 270 calories per cake…

  7. Sherrice

    You can’t just microwave or air fry these, the best method to get that extra dimension of flavor is to use the stove top after warming them up. Chef’s kiss!

  8. Deborah

    I loved these. They have been discontinued at my Trader Joe’s! Stock up if you can find them!

  9. Francine Potochnik

    These Korean pancakes are terrific. You should carry them year-round, not just in the Fall!

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