Trader Joe’s Strawberry Shortcake Sandwich Cookies Reviews

(8 customer reviews)

Butter cookies studded with strawberries and filled with buttercream. Flavored with other natural flavors.


8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Strawberry Shortcake Sandwich Cookies Reviews

  1. Pam Warren

    salty, ewwwwwwwww, tossed in trash immediately



  3. Sherie B

    I thought they were great. The best packaged cookie around

  4. KeDub

    A coworker shared these cookies with me, oh my they are so delicious I couldn’t stop eating them!

  5. Shannon

    Sorry, TJs, I literally spit the cookie out. So did my 14-year old daughter. I don’t know if they were supposed to taste spoiled? Yuck.

  6. Anonymous

    They are okay. Not that exciting. Taste sort of artificial, dryish, and too sweet for me.

  7. Sharon Elliot

    The cookies in the box we bought were very carelessly put together. One sandwich had no more than a dime-shaped dollop of strawberry filling. The filling in two of the other sandwiches was smeared on the plastic container. One of the other cookies was lopsided, squeezed down on one side. They didn’t look appetizing enough to eat. We shop alot at Trader Joe’s and were very surprised by the poor quality of this product.

  8. Strawbs Shorty

    Sadly, I think these are gross. The taste of the buttercream is artificial and overwhelming, so you can’t taste the cookie part at all.

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