Trader Joe’s Aussie-Style Chocolate Crème Sandwich Cookies Reviews

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Australian-style chocolate cream cookies – coated in even more chocolate.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Aussie-Style Chocolate Crème Sandwich Cookies Reviews

  1. tradersss


  2. Penelope

    I was apprehensive as to whether these would be as good as I hoped… but they totally are! If you know the tim tam style cookie snacks, these are a lot like those. So delicious – highly recommended! Thanks to another great dessert hit from Trader Joe’s.

  3. Patrick

    Having brought home many Tim Tams to expatriate Australians, I have to say. They’re good – not as good as the original (and you likely won’t find the original here in the US) – but good. I’ll still enjoy them the proper way with both ends nibbled off and then used as a straw to drink hot tea.

  4. Rachel

    I’ve never had real tim tams, so I can’t compare the authentic Australian version to these. However, these are delicious!

    To me they taste a lot like Twix without the caramel. Great combination of crunchy and soft textures, perfect chocolate flavor, and also good for dipping in dessert spreads or crumbling on ice cream. Highly recommended!

  5. David

    These taste amazing, the perfect amount of chocolate to satisfy my cravings. However, I can’t get over the fact that if the serving size is 2 cookies, the package only includes 11.

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