Trader Joe’s Non-Dairy Strawberry Oat Milk Ice Cream Reviews

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Non-dairy frozen dessert with almond brittle and candied strawberries.

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Non-Dairy Strawberry Oat Milk Ice Cream Reviews

  1. Mary

    I bought this because they were out of Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Ice Cream. Again. This is not half as good and has a waxy aftertaste. Also there are little bits of something, almond brittle, I guess, that are too small to be anything other than a distraction from the fact that they discontinued the other delicious ice cream to offer this sad substitute.

  2. Pam

    I love it!!!

  3. Kadri

    Love Trader’s! So far I have loved everything I have purchased at Trader Joes and it has been my go to grocery store. This non-dairy oat milk frozen dessert however is inedible and simply disgusting. It had a flavor of rancid fat. I truly wonder how this product made it to the store shelves. I hope this is my first and last bad experience with Trader’s products.

  4. Thaesino

    Someone served me this ice cream and did not tell me it was non-dairy. I was so confused when they showed me the carton. Like. Wow! So darn creamy! Sweetness was perfect. Strawberry flavor was perfect. And the almond brittle was a very nice touch.

  5. Mickey

    This isn’t revolting, but it doesn’t taste like strawberry. There are tiny frozen candied strawberry bits, but the ice cream itself (colored pink with beet juice) has no flavor. Still mourning the TJ Soy Vanilla ice cream…

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