Trader Joe’s Strawberry & Jalapeno Crisps Reviews

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Crisp, sweet, and spicy crackers.


16 reviews for Trader Joe’s Strawberry & Jalapeno Crisps Reviews

  1. Crow Boy

    Most of what they come up with at TJ’s is excellent, but then we get weird flavor combos like this and you wonder what they were thinking.

    This would actually be delicious if it weren’t for the jalapenos. I suppose it might be great to someone who likes having their mouth burn when they eat, but I’m not one of those people. If they were to substitute the pepper with something like pecans, or even a mild pepper, then I would give it a much better review.

  2. jenniewren

    everyone loved these

  3. Sam

    Loved these crackers! Went back to TJ’s today to get more and they’re out. They definitely have a bit of heat but when you eat it with chèvre it mellows it out.

  4. Katherine

    If you love spicy snacks… these are sooooo good…. These crackers are great for those creamy cheeses on charcuterie boards. I’ve been eating these with double creme brie and they’re sooo addicting. Its definitely not a cracker you’d eat by itself (unless you’re like me and love jalapenos in general). but great for nacho dips and snacking boards. Give it a try! I’d suggest doing it with brie or cream cheese first.

  5. lynda holman

    Too spicy!!! One person had burning eyes and nose from breathing the pepper aroma!

  6. Christy

    I love these! They have a little kick and I can’t do hot or spicy so they aren’t too much. I’m bummed they are a seasonal item.

  7. Julie

    These are probably the best thing I’ve gotten from Trader Joe’s in the last four years!!! They are a little spicy which is excellent and the strawberry sweet tanginess is so good as a complement to it. I agree with the others that they go well with a creamy cheese, whether that’s cream cheese or a soft specialty cheese. I also enjoy them on their own. Trader Joe’s please keep these in your regular rotation.

  8. Stephanie

    This is my most favorite cracker. I hope they bring these to Va. I got some in California. Please bring these east! I love the sweet and spice. Fingers crossed you keep these.

  9. Jess

    These are one of my favorite finds in years! The sweet and spicy profile is perfect, especially when paired with soft, creamy cheeses, yogurt-based dips, etc. I’ve gotten the fig crisps before, but these are next level. Good crunch, great flavor.

  10. TN Street Cat

    Perfect with brie! These are definitely my favorite of the crisps. The dried strawberries and jalapeños are very distinctive. I don’t care for spicy things, but these had the right amount of heat to balance the sweet strawberry.

  11. Anonymous

    Soooooo goooood!!

  12. CR

    I love these Strawberry Jalapeño crisps! I wish TJ had them year round! I love snacking on them with The Laughing Cow swiss cheese wedges. I love the sweet and spicy combo! TJ, please make them year round!

  13. Tami Wilson

    I just samples these at Trader Joe’s this year for the first time, and that one box from the display, and I’m realizing I better get a couple more. These are delicious, and I am expecting to eat them with chevre, or maybe just by themselves. I also love the other crisps in this line. The olive and big ones are another favorite!

  14. Eileen Brady

    When I first bought these crackers back in 2022 they were FANTASTIC. Just the right blend of strawberry and a little kick of jalapeno. Well, I just bought the 2023 version and I HATE them. Much too hot with an overwhelming mouth-burning finish. I’m returning the other three boxes I bought.

  15. Leezle

    Amazing!!! These need to be around all year long! Such a great sweet and hot cracker!!

  16. Attila Szendrodi

    I like a lot of strange mixes but this was a miss for me. It just didn’t complement each other at all. And they were hot. Like, hotter than any jalapeno has a right to be hot. Went back for a refund.

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