Trader Joe’s Pistachio & Pomegranate Crisps Reviews

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22 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pistachio & Pomegranate Crisps Reviews

  1. Kathy

    OMG…these crackers! I had to stop myself from wolfing down the entire box. The combination of pomegranates and pistachios is divine! We paired it with Trader Joe’s Tomatoe Basil hummus. Any dip would taste fantastic with these crackers, and even without dip they are Yum!

  2. Debi

    These are awesome! Especially with a room temp Formager or triple cream Brie!

  3. Joan Cardell

    Delicious. Why are they removed from stock?

  4. Nancy

    who at Trader Joes decides what crackers are all year stocked and other crackers are only seasonal?..the Pomegranate/ Pistachio crackers are my fav! much tastier than the fig/olive which have a chewy texture…these are 5 stars crackers but had to lose a star for not being available…

  5. Anonymous

    Please bring them back NOW!


  6. Elaine

    These crackers are delicious. They have to come back in stock. I love them.

  7. Dawn Y Reinhardt

    Five stars for the cracker….1/2 of a star to Trader Joe’s for not stocking all year. What marketing genious wants TJ’s to fail and have lower sales? He/she’s fired!

  8. Susan sciodtino

    I just went to TJ today looking for them. I have never loved a crisp/cracker like these. Too disappointed not to see them on the shelves. I had them first at Christmas with Brie T a friends house and was hooked.

    Are they a seasonal item or truly discontinued. Please, not.

  9. Sam Marshall

    Please, please, please tell me these will be regulars. I am lost without them.

  10. Virginia Roberts

    Just started thinking about these crackers and having withdrawals. They are the best!
    So delicious, especially pairing it with the holiday cranberry goat cheese. I wish these were a year round item, because I do not prefer the fig olive crackers. Please bring them back, or allow shipping from your website, because I would definitely order these 😉

  11. Sash

    Are they back in season now?! They are my favorite crisps. I’ve tried all of the different crisps you came up with and this is the only one that I am completely obsessed with.

  12. Yvonne Strupp

    Please sell them year round. I don’t know why you make them seasonal. I love them. Please carry them Year round

  13. Dale Ottley

    We love these crackers, please bring them back year round. If they are only seasonal booooo! We love these as much and your fig and olive crisps.

  14. Mary

    I drove two hours to Trader Joe’s to buy these back in December. Bought five boxes. Now on vacation and drove 45 minutes to Trader Joe’s to buy more and they aren’t stocking them. Seasonal item I suppose. So disappointed!!

  15. Tess

    Simply the best. The only problems are the boxes are too small(which isn’t the worst as long as they are in the stores) and they are seasonal. I’m totally hooked and now they’re gone since it’s not the Christmas season. PLEASE make these a regular they are my absolute favorite. I’ve also got many people hooked on them. Please don’t make us wait until November.

  16. Chris

    I love these crackers. I agree with previous comments. This combo is so much better than the olive/fig or the rosemary. They should be offered year round.

  17. Teri Wayne

    They’re my absolute favorite. We need them year-round, especially now. Please??

  18. Jeanna

    Are you listening, Trader Joe’s??? These need to be available year round.

  19. Landon Nowlin

    Are Trader Joe’s “Pistachio Pomegranate Crisps” still made? Where can I find them?

  20. Honest John

    Fair(ly) overpriced for lackluster crackers…
    Filled with Shills: These self proclaimed Joe lovers are purely self serving and self deluded.
    Is there a single low grade among them?

  21. CK

    Please please bring them back. I love these crackers and they go so well with cheese.

  22. Anna

    I’ve been searching high & low but no where (stores) to be found this season. Bring them back plz.

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