Trader Joe’s Sriracha Potato Chips Reviews

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Lattice cut, kettle cooked.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sriracha Potato Chips Reviews

  1. Wes

    Trader Joe’s is great about experimenting with new sriracha-flavored products, and this is another success. Crunchy, tasty potato chips with a kick!


    -Unique and fun
    -Good amount of spice without being either too overpowering or too mild
    -Lattice cut style of potato chips makes it even better


    -Doesn’t taste quite enough like real Sriracha; tastes a little bit more like spicy BBQ chips.

    Overall, four stars. I would purchase again, but not all the time.

  2. Anonymous

    A good Siracha-y flavor. I, for one, am glad they didn’t “kettle-cook”. I HATE kettle cooked. It’s like eating shards of potato rocks. I like these chips, but for siracha they should have a little more heat, but they are still really good chips. Add then to a grilled cheese or toasted pimento cheese. ..RESTAURANT WORTHY ..SWING!!!

  3. Yve

    This is the best potato chip I have ever had. I cant believe that trader joe has discontinued them. the waffle cut and the flavor was just soooooooooo gooood. We miss them so much. The whole family wishes they would bring them back.

  4. Maxwell Hunter

    Gave this a try as I am a big fan of the Ghost Pepper chips. Wasn’t that impressed. Certainly not a bad chip for those that like Siracha. I guess the Ghost Pepper Chips spoiled me.

  5. Anonymous

    whyyyy did they get rid of them!!! these were my favorite chips they need to come back now!!!!

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