Trader Joe’s Ghost Pepper Potato Chips Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Ghost Pepper Potato Chips Reviews

  1. BELLA


  2. Wes

    If you like BBQ chips, you’ll probably like Trader Joe’s Ghost Pepper Potato Chips. They actually taste very similar, with a deep heat like barbecue, rather than what I would have expected from something really spicy like ghost peppers (and several other spices that are in this). The waffle-y shape gives it a satisfying crunch, so it’s five star on texture. However, I was expecting something more unique, so less on flavor despite it being strong.

  3. J-Dawg

    Easily the worst Trader Joe’s product I ever had! When someone puts “ghost pepper” on any product, you expect a good amount of heat. My kids were eating them, which tells you how mild they are. Also, they are almost flavorless, just a tiny bit of sweetness, that’s it. Really disappointing after waiting months for something new to try.

  4. Trader Joe’s 365

    We loved these!!! They are NOT hot, so if it is HOT you are hankerin’ for, these are not your chips. Though not HOT, they are DELICIOUS!
    Full review and photos (4.75 stars!) here:

  5. Jay

    Not hot in the slightest. Crunchy and tasty absolutely,but if you advertise Ghost Pepper, it needs to be hot.

  6. Maxwell Hunter

    LOVE THESE CHIPS! However I can’t eat these much anymore. Very tasty.

  7. Kuguru

    In the beginning I used to buy these chips. But for some reason they make me feel very light headed. Also, there is a problem with control where the product often seems like they just dumped a bunch of salt on the product making it too salty and out of sync with the hotness of the Ghost Pepper flavor. Some times you get a good batch and sometimes you get a bad one.

  8. Shari Penney

    Although these chips are delicious, I opened a new bag and got one 1/4 of a bag of crumbs. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve also noticed other products with near nothing in the containers. This trend of trying to make up for loses is very frustrating and I’m very disappointed that Trader Joe’s is following along this path. I for one will be returning product that looks like this.

  9. GEND

    Love this stuff! I think that the seasoning isn’t consistent throughout the entire bag, so some chips are really salty/spicy, while others aren’t, but I still buy this whenever I’m craving it! Good stuff.

  10. nibblicious

    Marketing gimmick. Barely able to detect any heat. But the package has “Ghost Pepper” in large font, and red flames and peppers. I expect at least a little above average heat with a package like this. It’s too bad too, since the “lattice cut” (small waffle cut) and crunch are quite nice.

  11. Anonymous


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