Trader Joe’s Spring Gummies Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Spring Gummies Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    The flavors are bland and they stick to your teeth 🙁 the fruity gummy candies are a much better texture and flavor.

  2. anon

    These are on the “gummier” texture, and stick to teeth. Softer that swedish fish and on par with typical fruit snacks. They aren’t like gummy bear texture. I don’t mind the texture, but I don’t like the flavors. Gummies are my favorite type of candy, and these are taste pretty bad to me. I’m not sure what kind of flavors they are, cause they don’t have any listed, but I’m not a fan. Their “fruity gummy candies” are so much better. I was very dissapointed with them.

  3. ms.m

    These are disgusting! They deserve a less than zero rating, These taste awful and texture is sticky, I’m getting my money back. Too pricey to begin with. What happened to the Swedish Swimmers? Those are great. Most of the TJ’s gummy candies are pretty bad, tough to chew or taste gross Just the Swimmers are good.. bring those back please.

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