Trader Joe’s Spicy Chunky Tomato & Pepper Pasta Sauce Reviews

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23 reviews for Trader Joe’s Spicy Chunky Tomato & Pepper Pasta Sauce Reviews

  1. Donna

    I’m a huge TJ fan but this is probably the worst TJ product I’ve tried. I would not think of adding cumin to spaghetti sauce. The Arrabiata Sauce is far superior for a spicy sauce.

  2. Sherry G Heim

    I like this sauce though it is a bit spicy for me so I mixed a jar of this with a jar of TJ Bolognese sauce and it took it to the right heat index for me. I suppose any regular TJ pasta sauce would have worked just as well but that is what I had on hand.

  3. Shannon

    First bite of my pasta and I hated it. My pasta tasted like chilli because there is cumin in this, which if I’d realized before purchasing, I would not have bought it. If you aren’t a fan of cumin or your pasta tasting like chilli, I don’t recommend.

  4. Larry

    The cumin in this completely ruins the sauce. This tastes more like something I would add to a chili recipe, not put on spaghetti.

  5. Kristin

    Horrible sauce. We’re not too particular, but it didn’t even taste like spaghetti sauce, more like chili. Yuck!

  6. Dan

    Terrible stuff. Tasted like enchilada sauce. It might not be bad as a Mexican style sauce, but it made for terrible eggplant parmigiana.

  7. M

    I’m a huge TJ’s fan but this sauce is honestly horrible. Overpowering, doesn’t taste like pasta sauce, and gave me some nasty stomach issues, to boot. Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t make this on date night. Should be discontinued.

  8. P Guerrero

    I’ve used this sauce in two recipes that turned out finger-licking. Breakfast: poached eggs. Saute semi-chopped white onion. Add the sauce, thinned out with drops of water. Heat to warm. Drop egg/s in the center of the skillet, cover and simmer to desired consistency. Soup: Hursts HamBeens 15-bean soup mix. Substitute the can tomatoes called for in the recipe with this (pasta) sauce. You know the recipe is a winner when you keep doing taste tests and hum to yourself.

  9. CShea

    I served this over homemade upside down tamale pie and it served its purpose. Cumin flavor forward not for everybody but think I this sauce can be versatile if looking for a more smokey, peppery flavor. I like the idea of pan of sauce with poached eggs also.

  10. Anonymous

    We have pasta for dinner a few nights a week. Because TJ’s has been out of Arrabiata for a few weeks, I bought 3 jars of this sauce. It was yuck at first bite for my husband and me. We like spicy food, but this sauce is horrible. I’m returning the 2 unopened jars, and dumping what is left in the open jar of this flavor disaster.

  11. Rose VanHartesveldt

    I buy regularly the Arrabiata sauce. We love truffle flavor, so tried “Truffle Piccante Spicy Tomato Sauce”, and it was absolutely awful! My husband said it tasted like bus exhaust! We couldn’t even take a second bite–thinking maybe it had gone bad. Hope it is discontinued. Disappointing for TJ’s normally high level of flavors.

  12. Lil

    This is the worst pasta sauce from TJ. It’s too peppery and it has a weird cumin flavor. Not good with spaghetti and meatball! booo

  13. Cat

    We love TJ’s Arrabiata sauce and when I saw this was a spicy, chunky sauce I thought I’d try it. This is the first time in 48 years of cooking with my husband that he has said, “I can’t eat this. I’ll make myself a turkey sandwich!” It doesn’t have an Italian spice profile, more like an excess of Sriracha . Horrible.

  14. CAT

    can i give lower than a 1 out 5????

    This is more a CRY FOR HELP as well as a major complaint.

    Please god, why would you discontinue the Arrabiata – AKA – the best pasta sauce that you ever made???

    You got rid of your Arrabiata and replaced it with a sub par and frankly disgusting Spicy pepper and tomato sauce.
    This new sauce has a smokey flavor – contains cumin??? WTF???

    all the reviews on line are all in agreement –

    please we ALL BEG YOU please return our beloved Arrabiata back to the shelves.

  15. Han

    Everyone in these reviews seems to be lacking a bit of culture here. I put this on my homemade pizza and it was ABSOLUTELY BOMBTASTIC. I proceeded to also add this to my Fried Rice and it was, again, AMAZING. I also mixed it with some black vinegar and a tiny bit of kewpie mayo to make a sauce for my mini tacos and mini quiches, AMAZING. The flavors are so different from any pasta sauce I’ve ever had before, and that’s probably a reason why normal people are not so much digging it. I do want to thank those in the comments who identified the Cumin flavor; I was wondering what that was! It definitely tastes more akin to a salsa/tomato sauce hybrid so if you’re expecting a regular degular schmegular pasta sauce with normal, classic Italian flavors, this isn’t it. But, if you like spice and you like flavor and you like to try different things, I would HIGHLY recommend this sauce in any of your dishes!!

    It’s better to judge this sauce on its own, rather than comparing it to something that isn’t available anymore. I would eat this sauce with absolutely anything.

  16. Stephanie

    That cumin don’t lie. I added some beans to what I thought was spaghetti sauce, and served it over rice. Bangin chili! My boyfriend continued to eat it over spaghetti noodles

  17. Poppy Sealy

    REALLY? CUMIN?? Please take this off the shelves immediately. Red pepper, I thought, Hot pepper, OK sure fine. Yknow how to totally ruin a very involved Italian meal? Assume this craptastic sauce is palatable. When I added it I regretted it and it was too late. Buyer beware. I don’t know how my family is going to choke down this atrocity.

  18. Kathy

    Ugh-this is NOT a sauce for pasta!! Cumin?? Trying for the first time tonight, tasted once. Trash. Bring back the Arrabiatta sauce!!!!!

  19. Allie

    Hands down the best pasta sauce from a jar ever!
    Stopped by Trader Joe’s, I picked out the cheese tortellini for lunch and told my fiancé to pick any sauce he wanted.

    This sauce paired with the cheese tortellini was amazing!!! Quick and delicious lunch!!! I added parm cheese and the green&red hatch Chile flakes!!

    Just bc y’all had it with spaghetti and meatballs doesn’t mean it’s bad:,) just the wrong pairing!<33

  20. mo

    I love Trader Joe’s; literally looked this website up to register my displeasure with this sauce so that maybe they make it better. Thought this would be a TJ answer to Rao’s Arrabiata. It isn’t. It has cumin. Yuck! Tastes like chili sauce NOT spaghetti sauce.

  21. Anna

    Not spicy and the cumin is overpowering. I added smoked paprika, fresh garlic, cayenne, white wine, and a splash of cream to make it more tolerable but still would be much better as a base for a chili.

  22. Bill Dodger

    I love TJs. This stuff is absolutely terrible. Might even be the worst pasta sauce I have ever purchased.

  23. meg

    i really thought this would be fantastic as me and my boyfriend love spicy foods and it was disgusting with pasta (and it is a PASTA sauce). i can see the appeal on a mexican inspired dip as it tastes like it should be an enchilada or taco sauce. definitely not for pasta.

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