Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo Reviews

  1. Diana B

    I LOVE this stuff and I’m not even a vegetarian. The texture is great and the spices make it so you can barely tell that this isn’t real chorizo. My favorite way to eat it is in a breakfast burrito (though I am not above eating it for lunch and dinner too) with black beans and scrambled eggs. Such a nice flavor – highly recommend to vegs and non-vegs alike!

  2. steven p

    Ditto to what Diana wrote. GREAT taste, and I think I like it better than real chorizo in egg dishes, etc. And I’m an omnivore–but the taste is great.

  3. Ttrockwood

    I’ve been buying this for years! Great flavor with perfect balance of spices. Delicious as is pan fried or chopped and added to beans or in stew.

  4. Dek

    A bit unorthodox perhaps but I primarily use this soy chorizo in my turkey meatloaf mix. Excellent flavor, smells great coming out of the oven. Works well in a breakfast fry up as well. Will actually cry if they ever discontinue this product.

  5. Susan Bay

    I was a sceptic but this is amazing. I made stuffed poblano peppers and added this as the “meat” . It got rave reviews and I cannot break it to my other half that this was a veggie sausage. He asked me if we could buy more to make breakfast bus this weekend… day I will confess.

  6. NYC Vegan

    I concur with all of the 5 star reviews. This chorizo is excellent–and priced right! I use it in paella and it’s perfect! Recommended!!!

  7. frankie

    If I could give this six stars, I would. That’s how much I stand by this product. Delicious and feels like I’m having the real thing!

  8. Hannah

    This is a staple in my house. I use it with JUST egg to make a scramble and it never gets old or less tasty. Such a good flavor at a good price!

  9. Anonymous

    Amazing. Like regular chorizo but less greasy. 11/10

  10. Chris

    I love the soy chorizo. It is delicious and I eat it constantly. However! I have no idea why it comes in a fake plastic intestine. I wish it came in a little tub, like cream cheese, so I didn’t have to get my hands all greasy in order to eat all this deliciousness.

  11. Helena

    Frustrating packaging (this stuff is way too oily to be messing around with all this plastic), tasty ‘rizo.

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