Trader Joe’s Sliced French Brioche Reviews

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26 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sliced French Brioche Reviews

  1. Patricia francis

    I bought this bread last week . I couldn’t figure out why the kids could not stop eating it until I tried it.. oh so good!!..I went back to purchase another one but it was gone. I was so disappointed. .When next is it going to be in stock?

  2. Angela

    I bought this bread to try with different types of jams because of it’s thickness. My husband does not eat bread because of carbs and he is a health nut however when he ate one piece he could not stop!! I went back and bought 3 loaves the next week.

  3. Cecilia

    Excellent! So soft and flavorful. Our family love sit and now I’m worried when I go back they won’t have anymore.

  4. Andrea

    Love this bread! We have been buying it at least once a week for the past month. For the last week it has been out of stock, and the staff said they do not know when it will be back. Please bring this bread back!

  5. Nini

    So disappointed after asking if it was a permanent product and having the answer yes – I came back to get more and I was told they don’t know when it will be back 🙁

  6. Douglas

    My wife became addicted to this delicious bread and then…out of stock! Good news: we’ve been told it is not seasonal and will be back on the shelves January 14!

  7. Sharon

    This is the BEST tasting sliced Bread I have EVER eaten … and to top it off, the list of ingredients isn’t very long or terribly unhealthy.
    I actually stopped eating Bread due to having a number of yeast infections in the past (my MD could never diagnose, but I did once I eliminated Bread from my diet).
    GEE, this Bread is so scrumptious that I will have to tread lightly.

  8. Eileen Loney

    Yummy bread! So flavorful and tasty – it tastes like the bread we used to get in Scotland ( imported from France). I am so glad I discovered it in TJ’s yesterday!

  9. Kimberly Carter

    WOW!!! I usually don’t have an opinion about bread one way or another but Trader Joe’s Sliced French Brioche bread is delicious! Another winner from TJ’s!!

  10. Monique Cummings

    I had this bread tonight, straight out of the bag with some butter. If I could only pick one food to eat the rest of my life, this would be it. THAT’S how sublimely delicious it is.

  11. Bteodoro

    This bread is very good in making a French toast. You don’t need any other condiments to go with it just by itself is delish!

  12. Patrick Wemitt

    We happened upon this yesterday while shopping, and tried it for French Toast this morning. This is crack bread, you will have a $50.00 a day habit for the rest of your life, it’s that good! The best French Toast you can make at home! Unbelievably yummy; take your time and savor each bite slowly and cut off small bits of it to make you gustatory experience linger longer on the senses! Use real butter and maple syrup to accessorize this soft, light and chewy delight.

  13. Jan lumenti

    The best bread to make French toast with. I’ll never use any other bread. I hope they keep it in stock

  14. Claudia

    The spread is absolutely amazing. To say that it’s the best bread you’ll ever eat is quite the understatement. My only complaint is that the employees at my Trader Joe’s ( Who are always efficient super knowledgeable about the products and always give the best customer service) don’t seem to all have a unified answer as to whether or not this is a seasonal item or permanent one. I’ve been told it’s not but yet it’s out of stock and no one knows when I will return. Today I was told it may not come back until next year.

  15. Angela Barber

    It is simply the most delicious bread I’ve ever tasted! But sadly, I haven’t been able to find it here in NC lately. Can we get a response from TJ staff? I’d buy a whole box if I could!

  16. Marcos Toniolo

    I was on Los Angeles this week and ate this brioche, so I ask: Is there this brioche for sale in Utah?

  17. D. Hall

    When you read this bread is like crack…. Trust & believe, it’s true! I’ve already eaten 4 slices… and I just bought the loaf yesterday. It was planned for chicken salad sandwiches to kick ’em up a notch. Sadly… I still haven’t made the chicken salad and only toasted those 4 slices and ate with a little butter. Lawd, help me! Half the loaf is already gone!

  18. Robert J. Baumann

    This is a great sandwich bread and it toasts well, too. At Stater Brothers they offer a similar bread from a different bakery and the cost was $2 more that it is at TJ’s.

  19. donna

    Keep this bread in stock..Always! I bought a loaf today and it is a superior product. It tastes so good that you don’t even have to put anything on it. I will be back for more sooner rather than later because it isn’t going to last long. This bread needs to be in every TJ’s!

  20. Pia

    Too soft, WAY too sweet.

    This is not bad in and of itself, but it bears little resemblance to real French brioche. First, its texture is light and fluffy compared to the genuine article. The buttery flavor is there, but in all the time I lived in France I never tasted brioche this sugary.

  21. Elva Polanco

    The best bread ever, I love it!!!! I hope they continue to selll permanently.

  22. M.A.L.

    Worth trying. Surprising how good this bread is for being mass produced. I have to discipline myself from buying weekly, so think of it as a special occasion treat.

  23. Gail Brooks

    I have eaten this bread for about two years. I love it, but could not stand in line (at this point (coronavirus) as they let a limited number of folks in the stores. Other stores have brioche at twice the price. I obses when they are out of it. It’s really delicious and I am not a commercial bread eater!

  24. Xavier

    These are every bit as good as brioche you’d find in a grocery store in France, and you’d have to be a very decent baker or have a good French bakery nearby to get something better!

  25. Char

    This bread is really lovely! It’s soft, sweet and the texture is spot on for a good brioche. My family loves to toast it for breakfast. We grab one every time we go to Trader Joe’s.

  26. Nancy Ayala

    The parchment paper used on this bread sticks to the crust and to be honest the small verbiage on the back of the packaging was missed when I used this bread when making breakfast for my family. It stuck to the crust even while being cooked on the stove when I made french toast so the paper became part of the breakfast- yikes! While eating we discovered we were eating parchment paper & I was so embarrassed. I felt that my grand baby could have choked on it. Best to find a more user friendly way to package this.

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