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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sipping Chocolate Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    This is my favorite hot chocolate. Dark, rich, and creamy. Not too sweet.

  2. Baker

    This is perfectly good stuff: chocolate-y and not too sweet. But it’s just cocoa powder mix, so if “Sipping Chocolate” makes you expect actual chocolate, then you’ll need to keep looking.

  3. emma

    Well it USED to be more chocolatey but somewhere sometime they sneakily switched to dutch cocoa. I wish i hang repurposed the old time do i couldn’t post the actual ingredient change, but it was a rare cocoa product that want ‘dutched’ . Not it might as well be nesquik although is probably still a bit less sugary. Because the packaging never changed, i never thought to check to see if it was altered. Sigh Guess i will spend a week trying
    to find a product like the original

  4. stephanie

    I first tried this product a few years ago, and it was thick and richly delicious. About 2 years ago, I repurchased and discovered that the drink was not as good as I remembered. It was much thinner and the flavor was weaker, more like a generic hot cocoa instead of actual sipping chocolate. I grabbed the old tin and compared the ingredients. Of course, the ingredients have been downgraded terribly. The chocolate liquor, cane sugar, cocoa butter have been replaced with sugar and cocoa processed with alkali. The nutrition facts have also suffered, with a decrease in fiber and an increase in sodium. I’m disappointed because the original recipe was amazing, and they replaced it with a mediocre product

  5. Giselle Valiente


  6. Anonymous

    They’ve changed the recipe again… Comparing the tins shows it’s gone from 90 calories to 110 (no increase in sugar) and the soy has been eliminated. There is also a noticeable change in flavor.

    I finished the last bits of a container from 2019 recently (I was hoarding it), and even a container that had been open for years was much more chocolatey than this year’s batch. I wasn’t able to get it in 2020 or 2021 due to shortages, so I’m not sure when the change happened, but the chocolate flavor is muted–like, it has no top notes–and the texture is weird, almost a tiny bit grainy. Oddly, the flavor and texture both get considerably better if it sits for a while after mixing milk and powder, but then it’s…not hot chocolate. Maybe it would be improved by making on the stove instead of microwaving milk and then mixing in the mug. On the plus side, it’s still not too sweet and it definitely doesn’t have the diluted, fake taste of cheapo instant hot chocolate mixes. But overall it’s a little bit disappointing, since I excitedly bought a bunch of it when I was finally able to find it again. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, and I will definitely drink it, but it doesn’t live up to the old version.

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