Trader Joe’s Sicilian Limoncello Reviews

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Limoncello (sometimes misspelled “lemonchello”) sold in the hard alcohol section at various Trader Joe’s locations.


7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Sicilian Limoncello Reviews

  1. Bill

    Just as good if not better than the other brands. It is sweet and a little alcoholic in flavor, you can also taste the lemon. My wife enjoys it better than the other brands.

  2. Just Human

    Has a medicine/ chalky vitamin like taste & too sweet for liqueur. Don’t make the mistake of buying.

  3. Lynn Bucci

    Excellent! smooth and delicious! My Mom who is 100% Italian, loves it!!

  4. Lauri Belfor-Moyer

    5 stars on flavor, 0 on accessibility. Once you buy it, it’s impossible to open, even with pliers.

  5. Bonnie

    Love this Limocello

  6. Ally

    Tastes like what I would expect lemon flavored cleaner to taste like. Pretty icky, and I love limoncello.

  7. Rob

    For me, a good limoncello makes you think of those lemon-flavored/shaped hard candies and the alcohol sneaks up on you. This makes me think that my coffee table could use a polish.

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