Rear Admiral Joseph’s Original London Dry Gin Reviews

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5 reviews for Rear Admiral Joseph’s Original London Dry Gin Reviews

  1. LoneStarlizard

    I think this is one of the best gins I have ever tasted. Smooth and pleasant over the tongue with no harsh bite. It mixes with tonic wonderfully and makes a top shelf martini. Sure, one can belittle this gin (due to the fantastic price and gin snobbery) and I expect some “gin experts”will. So be it. I will continue to enjoy this great product without guilt and challenge the crowd to find a better gin at this price point. My only remorse is that TJ’s in Austin doesn’t sell distilled spirits. :~{

  2. Nigel

    A little bit spicer than Beefeater and not quite as smooth, but almost as good taste and half the price.

  3. Denis

    Very inexpensive Gin good value for money,,,,

  4. Paul

    I really enjoyed this! Very smooth and slightly floral. I only wish there was a Traders closer to my neighborhood. I would shop there more often for sure.

  5. Adam S

    It’s a bit “peppery,” as my bride said, but I like that against a good tonic with adequate lime. You simply cannot find a better gin at this price. I’ll even go to this for a martini, if I get a hankering for an onion garnish instead of the usual olive. Trader Joe’s is a true life enhancement.

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