Rear Admiral Joseph’s Original London Dry Gin Reviews

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10 reviews for Rear Admiral Joseph’s Original London Dry Gin Reviews

  1. LoneStarlizard

    I think this is one of the best gins I have ever tasted. Smooth and pleasant over the tongue with no harsh bite. It mixes with tonic wonderfully and makes a top shelf martini. Sure, one can belittle this gin (due to the fantastic price and gin snobbery) and I expect some “gin experts”will. So be it. I will continue to enjoy this great product without guilt and challenge the crowd to find a better gin at this price point. My only remorse is that TJ’s in Austin doesn’t sell distilled spirits. :~{

  2. Nigel

    A little bit spicer than Beefeater and not quite as smooth, but almost as good taste and half the price.

  3. Denis

    Very inexpensive Gin good value for money,,,,

  4. Paul

    I really enjoyed this! Very smooth and slightly floral. I only wish there was a Traders closer to my neighborhood. I would shop there more often for sure.

  5. Adam S

    It’s a bit “peppery,” as my bride said, but I like that against a good tonic with adequate lime. You simply cannot find a better gin at this price. I’ll even go to this for a martini, if I get a hankering for an onion garnish instead of the usual olive. Trader Joe’s is a true life enhancement.

  6. Sam M.

    I’ve been a bartender, spirits aficionado, and gin connoisseur for many years. I’ve been a Trader Joe’s customer even longer. I can say with complete and total honesty that THERE IS NO BETTER VALUE (QPR) in Gin today. Period. End of story. Buy this. You will not be disappointed (unless you hate Gin). Strong Juniper, not too sweet, not too much Cinnamon, Similar to Tanqueray at less than half the price. Very smooth with Tonic Water or Picante Clamato etc. for a proper Bloody Mary. Made in the United Kingdom, 43%. This is the kind of deal that made Trader Joe’s a household name. 2 Thumbs Up!

  7. Mike G.

    I have been drinking gin for over 40 years. I generally like dry martinis. This gin tastes fresh and clean and makes a great martini. Every time I go to TJs, I buy 2 bottles. Price point aside, I like this as much as the expensive gins!

  8. Jim Beam

    Great price. Just a typical average gin, but with flavors of grapefruit peel. Great for parties, not for Gin nerds. Not as complex as so many wonderful gins out there. Not as bold as Hendricks, no synthetic sharp notes like Bombay, but ok for mixers.

  9. Bobby

    Huge fan of Beefeater but always trying new things. This is VERY close to Beefeater, and slightly smoother. Heavy Juniper, agree with the peppery in other reviews. Makes a good Martini. What is especially nice is the price. TJ isn’t close to the house so whenever we find ourselves near one we literally buy every bottle of this on the shelf. Every. Last. One.

  10. Jo Conley

    I love it! No better value for the price, and smooth as silk. My new favorite. Too sad that my Reno store sold out ASAP and I’m waiting for more. Will buy 3 or 4 bottles if they restock. In the past, I have been a Bombay Sapphire fan.

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