Trader Joe’s Shrimp Boom Bah Reviews

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Crispy battered tail-off round shrimp with a sweet and spicy sauce.


14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Shrimp Boom Bah Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    BAD. This is the first item from Trader Joe’s that I have ever bought that I wanted to return. It’s flavor, texture and overall everything is just bad!

  2. Addy

    The sauce is a bit spicy, but the fried shrimp us impeccable, if you follow the direction of placing it in the oven. Will try air frying next time. Served with sticky rice to soak up the sauce.

  3. Hana

    I thought it was great

  4. Helen

    I thought it was great! The shrimp is spicy on its own without the sauce. If you don’t like spicy, don’t buy it!

  5. Julie G

    We loved it. We had them over riced cauliflower. They would also be great in tacos.

  6. Anonymous

    sauce is good, but the shrimp is overwhelmingly salty. its not the breading but it tastes like the shrimp itself was brined in sea salt!

  7. Anonymous

    I just tried and I can’t wait to go back and get another. Was great out of the airfryer.

  8. Jklm

    Too spicy hot Shrimp and sauce! Won’t buy again! Could not eat

  9. Anonymous

    I’m not sure what all the fuss is about this product. It keeps making all the best of Trader Joe’s product lists, but I just tried it and it’s not really good at all. Mealy batter, cheap, unhealthy, frozen food taste.

  10. KenB

    STAY AWAY…Absolutely awful!!! First product from Trader Joe’s, that I am ever returning due to dissatisfaction. Shrimp tastes “cheap annd funky” and the sauce is so oily, that it’s just plain gross. You have been warned!

  11. Mmm

    3.5 stars for me!… shrimp was crispy cooked 25 minutes! Sauce a bit oily separated from boom bag, so I dumped that! But all in all good for a quick on the run meal , add a salad !

  12. Dolly

    I eat foods on the saltier side and this way tooooo salty. Don’t try it.

  13. Panger

    The worst thing I’ve ever eaten from TJs. It tasted like something you’d find that sat for hours at an all-you-eat buffet at a rest stop off the interstate. The shrimp smelled terrible, the coating was mealy and spicy yet without discernible flavor, and the sauce was just cloying and just nasty. I love so many products from Trader Joe’s but man oh man, this is not one of them.

  14. C.T.

    Bottomline: it’s just not good! I LOVE shrimp but the teeny, tiny excuse that we’re calling “Shrimp” are pathetic. Let’s be honest, it’s really just soggy breaded coating. The sauce was oily and gross! I couldn’t agree more with other’s who describe it as absolutely awful and really unhealthy. I actually threw most of it away. Never again! Com’on Trader Joe’s – gotta do better.

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