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10 reviews for Trader Joe’s Shaved Cheese Blend Reviews

  1. Miss Atlanta

    this was the PERFECT shaved cheese blend. mild,nutty delicately salted with those interesting texture crystals sometime found in a very expensive well aged cheddar! why WHY has this been discontinued? I tried the other shaved cheeses blend and it doesn’t compare AT ALL. please PLEASE bring it back!!!

  2. Roger Cole

    It’s a thinly shaved combo of their Unexpected Cheddar – with creamy, Cheddar-like texture and fruity, almost Parmesan-like flavor – their Toscano – a sweet, tangy, Italian-inspired cheese -and a 20-month aged Parmesan, with subtle caramelized notes and a slightly crystallized texture. the best. ever.

  3. Toni

    Agreed – please, please, please bring this back. We bought this every single week. Nothing compares!

  4. Barb Borden

    I was so disappointed when I was unable to find my favorite Shaved
    Cheese Blend today. I tried the Shaved Parmesan, Romano & Asiago, but it is not even close to being as good. If discontinued….please consider bringing it back!!!
    Thank You!!

  5. Victoria Korenko

    Such sadness I felt once I learned that I could not buy this delicious blend of cheeses. I would buy three tubs at a time on a weekly basis. My pasta does not taste the same without it. Please bring it back!!!

  6. Marie Whitney

    This cheese blend was so great. The other kind they carry is not even close, I actually just use sprinkle on Parmesan no because I’m too lazy to shred it.

  7. Corinne

    I gave up dairy while nursing my son for 7 months, and I dreamed about this cheese blend every single day. Last week, I resumed dairy, drove right to TJ’s, and promptly stood in front of the cheese case, like a lost puppy, mourning this product. Trader Joe’s, how could you be so cruel?

  8. Jan Gilson

    I searched all the local TJs, in denial that this delightful shaved blend is no longer being offered. I gather shaved blend has some strong pepsin enzyme flavor. Is that not the mild buttery flavor that this one had. Please bring it back! Do a sample campaign so people know how good it is and they’ll get hooked! Please bring it back

  9. Ann Phillips

    Bring this delicious cheese blend back. I still cannot believe it was discontinued. This had to be a good seller

  10. Christa

    Yes! please bring it back. It’s not too late to revive a great product.

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