Trader Joe’s Roasted Tomatillo & Mango Salsa Reviews

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Roasted Tomatillo & Mango Salsa Reviews

  1. Vin Fort

    OK guys, I’ve been eating food at Trader Joes for a long time. But when you look at this salsa you are not expecting GHOST PEPPER to be in the supposed to be tangy sweet mango with a little heat salsa. Now either put a SPICY label on this or include GHOST PEPPER IN THE NAME! Sorry for the 1 star. it tasted great. Until I couldn’t taste anything.

  2. Turtle Man

    This was one of the best salsas Trader Joe’s carried. Most of their current offerings are fairly unremarkable Shame it was discontinued, there’s nothing else quite like it available now. I’m halfway through my last jar of it, and will be sad when it’s gone.

    I ended up here searching the interwebs to see if this is available from a different supplier. A number of TJ’s products are made by well-known companies and re-labeled under the TJ’s brand. Haven’t found anything yet, but will keep looking.

    And tenderfoot Vin up there just needed to read the label. It says, “A spicy salsa made with fire roasted tomatilloes, tangy mangos, and hot chili peppers.”

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