Trader Joe’s Organic Tomatillo & Roasted Yellow Chili Salsa Reviews

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18 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Tomatillo & Roasted Yellow Chili Salsa Reviews

  1. Lena

    Another decent salsa from Trader Joe’s. I like the kick of the lime, though it’s still pretty mild overall as far as “salsa spiciness” goes.

  2. Wes

    This isn’t bad at all. One of the better salsas from Trader Joe’s. I wish it was a little bit more flavorful, but it does have more of a tang than, for example, TJ’s chunky salsa. I also like that this isn’t too chunky, since I prefer my salsas sauce-y. Otherwise, I go for pico de gallo when I’m looking for more of a bite. I would probably buy this again, though. It also lasts awhile.

  3. Ina Mitchell

    I love the fact that it’s organic. Could use a little more kick.

  4. Jennifer

    This is my go-to salsa for everything. I grew up eating authentic Tex-mex, and always steer clear of anything resembling Pace/Old El Paso, which so many jarred salsas taste like. This one has a good mellow heat, nice pepper/tomato flavor and balance, and tastes as fresh as you can expect from a jar. It’s more smooth than chunky, and will spoil within a few weeks after opening, so be sure to have some huge plates of nachos to pile this on.

  5. Barbara

    Best salsa hands-down that I’ve ever had out of a jar. I use it on chips and in recipes like slow cooker latin chicken. UNBELIEVABLE. Only complaint would be the sodium count.

  6. Katherine

    This is my favorite salsa at Trader Joe’s so far. It is not as spicy as, for example, the homestyle Medium salsa, so if that is the right amount of spiciness for you or if you prefer spicier, this one may be too mild. But in my case it’s just the right amount of kick that allows me to eat a lot of it without getting spice fatigue. Has great flavor balance and a good consistency as well. I am not a chunky salsa person, so this is perfect for me. Also love the tomatillo flavor. Will definitely buy again after spending time buying a different salsa every trip!

  7. Josh Weinberger

    November 2022: Has it been discontinued?

  8. faith howell

    That salsa was the best I’ve had. it was perfect. I don’t want my mouth burning and loved this. Now I hear it is discontinued! My family is very disappointed. It seems Trader Joe’s keeps taking away things we have gotten used to.

  9. Fraser

    It’s by far their best salsa and one of my favorite all time jarred salsa.
    Unfortunately, I was told today that it was discontinued.
    I find that this is absolutely ridiculous as it really is by far the best salsa product. Most of the other salsas are really inedible. Don’t get me wrong I love Trader Joe’s but this was an incredibly bad decision.

  10. Diane

    I am sad to learn this has been discontinued. It was the perfect match for the elote corn dippers. I have two unopened jars at home. Wonder if I should put them on eBay.

  11. Monica Mathie

    Very disappointed that this was discontinued. One of my favorite products from Trader Joe’s.

  12. Talmage

    Please bring this salsa back! We love it! All of our friends love it too!

  13. Don Jones

    This is one of my all time favorite salsas and I have bought it since it first appeared on TJ’s shelves. Normally I buy 6-10 jars at a time. I have been very sad to see it missing from the shelves. Please bring it back!

  14. Jaymie Nelson

    This salsa is amazing. I didn’t realize it was discontinued. I have returned to the store multiple times hoping I would see it on the shelves. I just opened the last jar I was holding on to today. Please please bring it back

  15. Kathe Hoffmann

    Please Trader Joe’s….I am BEGGING you to bring back this salsa. There is no replacement and it was the best salsa on your shelf, then and how. PLEASE!!!!!!

  16. Kelvis


  17. Maria

    My fav jarred salsa, ever! Am still sad it is gone! Hike up the price if that’s what you need to bring is back, Trader Joe’s! I works still buy and consume copious amounts of it!!!

  18. DEJ

    I also agree, please bring back the Tomatillo & Roasted Yellow Chili Salsa. And yes, I would pay more for it as well. IT IS THE BEST!

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