Trader Joe’s Rigatoni alla Contadina Reviews

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Rigatoni pasta with asparagus, broccoli, and green peas in a creamy sauce.

Ingredients: Water, Durum Wheat, Semolina, Asparagus, Pasteurized Milk, Broccoli, Pasteurized Cream, Green Peas, Leeks, Hard Cheese, Onions, Sunflower Oil, Nonfat Milk Powder, Rice Starch, Butter, Garlic, Garlic Powder, Salt, Chives, Parsley, Black Pepper, Nutmeg.

Contains Milk and Wheat. May Contain Egg and Soy.

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29 reviews for Trader Joe’s Rigatoni alla Contadina Reviews

  1. Sarah

    It’s fine. Very creamy – pretty much what you’d expect. Nothing exceptional.

  2. Joe

    It isn’t horrible but if you say it has broccoli, you need to put broccoli in it. The package I bought had only asparagus and about five peas, there was absolutely no broccoli.

  3. Amy Luedeke

    I just called TJs to report only 2 peas found and no broccoli, so I added broccoli I had. Only Asparagus found with 2 peas in dish. I have only called TJs once before in last 20+ years shopping there. Not wanting a refund or replacement, but just wanting to give them feedback and a heads-up.

  4. Amy Luedeke

    Think TJs needs to actually know where product reviews are posted. Appears some may not when I contacted my local TJs.

  5. Sharon Dehmlow

    This was a huge disappointment. No peas at all, no broccoli, no FLAVOR! I added my own peas and broccoli. The pasta was gummy and I had to cook it longer to get it cooked at all, but then the veggies were mush. I also tried adding flavor with butter, parmesan cheese, and cream, but nothing helped. I won’t buy this again!

  6. Joanne Smith

    Good idea. Should have been tasty. What’s not to love about pasta and creamy sauce??? Those asparagus sticks. What a disappointment to chew on those. I could not chew them. They could not be broken down. The chewed asparagus stems were left on my plate. I’m available to try new products for free of course. Someone at Trader Joe’s should have tried this and then removed it from the frozen food section.

  7. Adela Sussman

    I just bought this last Sunday. Could hardly identify the asparagus or the green that was included, and no broccoli and maybe 2 peas? Would have thought better from Trader Joe’s.

  8. sue

    Good flavor, did not see broccoli, but the asparagus sticks were tough and inedible!!!

  9. Jenny

    It’s pasta in a bland flavorless cream with no broccoli or peas. The asparagus was woody and inedible. One of the worst trader Joe’s products I’ve ever tried

  10. Susan

    Agree with other reviews. No broccoli. Asparagus was mostly inedible. Sauce was pretty tasteless would not recommend or buy again.

  11. Meg

    Decent flavor, convenient directions. I agree with the woody, inedible pieces of asparagus.

  12. Karla

    Pretty good, although missing broccoli. The taste was good. I added Parmesan cheese. I was afraid the asparagus would be hard like others described, but it was not.

  13. Nita

    What do you expect for $4.49 a bag. I enjoyed it so much that I purchased two extra bags for lunch.

  14. Jackie

    Tastes good if you add a little salt.asparagus is hard, twig-like, and vitually no peas. Needs better veggies.

  15. Mari

    I ended up throwing it away. What a waste of money, time and effort. Trader Joe’s remove this please from your store. It is tasteless and rubbery. I added salt to it and it still failed. Ugh!

  16. Pamela

    Asparagus was tough and inedible. No peas, one tiny piece of broc. Pasta was tough and sauce tasteless. T. J. s, I am sad o disappointed in you.

  17. Lindsay

    As others have said, no broccoli, 2 peas and no flavor! Adding butter, pepper and salt did not help. Never again!!!

  18. Jean

    Don’t buy and waste your money. No broccoli or peas asparagus was woody and pasta chewy sauce tasteless won’t buy it again. Very disappointed in this Trader Joe’s product

  19. Karen

    Not sure why the bad reviews. This pasta dish is quick and delicious. I added sliced chicken breast, for a fast, healthy, satisfying dinner. My “starving” 16 year old, Water Polo player absolutely loves this dish!!!

  20. Steph

    Not great tasting, I wouldn’t buy again

  21. Ms Kay

    We love this & have bought it three times, it’s easy & tasty. We don’t buy it for the veg but for an emergency dinner when nothing else was defrosted or planned. We add left over chicken or pre-cooked shrimp for protein. Make a salad for veg! What a bunch of whining, I think people review when they’re disappointed. I happened upon this site, looking for nutrition info after the package was thrown away and had a few laughs at y’all.

  22. Karin

    Quite boring. At least this frozen meal isn’t nearly as high in fat as most of their dishes. This still has a bit more fat grams than I typically buy…and this one wasn’t worth it! Bring back the frozen Linguini & Clam Sauce which was healthy at 12g fat and delicious, or the Mushroom Fettuccine which only had 11g fat and was so much tastier that this blah Rigatoni meal! Who the hell are the tasters at Trader Joe’s? Obviously, people who care not about offering healthier fare…most of the TJ meals are fat-laden!

  23. Avalon

    Tastes good, but where are the veggies?!?!? I only had asparagus in mine 🙁

  24. Ben Dover-Karen

    Ms Kay must be fun at parties, if only she got invited. When a package says veggies, it should include veggies! No one wants a damn salad every day.

  25. June l Manor

    Very disappointed in this product. I don’t think anyone in the company has tried it. It would not have made it to the freezer if they did. As others have said, the picture on the package shows regular size vegetables, none of these were identifiable. The pasta definitely needed more cooking time. Thank goodness I cooked extra broccoli, so we had some green to have with it. Yes, it was cheap but I could have got a bag of rigatoni for a lot less and made a good meal.

  26. Adrienne W.

    I agree with all the negative reviews and am feeling very ripped off. What a total waste of money and effort. No broccoli and barely any peas, but the worst offense was the woody inedible asparagus. Why hasn’t TJ’s removed it?! Shame on you Trader Joe’s for putting your name on this garbage and continuing to take our money. I used to trust TJ’s quality – in this case they are acting in bad faith. YOU KNOW THIS IS NO GOOD, bad food shouldn’t be sold.

  27. Sherri H.

    It tasted fine, I added ground chicken. I did not see any broccoli, there were a few peas and a good bit of the asparagus pieces were woody. If they fix the veggie issues, I would try it again for a quick meal.

  28. Tara

    This could have been so good if it actually had any broccoli and peas in it. We had only pieces of asparagus. Way too much creamy cheese cubes. Had to add olive oil.

  29. Derek

    This could have been so good if it actually had any broccoli and peas in it. We had only pieces of asparagus. Way too much creamy cheese cubes. Had to add olive oil.

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